Why Dentists Ignore Your Dental Problems

Many people don’t take care of their teeth. Their self-neglect results in them losing their teeth or having multiple dental problems.

What about you, who cares what happens in your mouth? You take all responsibility and with courage in your heart you make a dentist appointment to fix the problem and end up out of pain forever.

This is a really positive script for a happy ending.

Unfortunately, life is not as easy as it first seems.

you feel something is wrong in your mouth; Maybe a few teeth broke off and now they hurt.

You may have throbbing pain at night or in the morning.

Many dental scenarios could look like this.

Anyway, you are not a specialist so you want to meet someone who knows more than you.

You have hope that if you go there, someone will relieve you of your dental problem.

General dentists who do not want to see the human body from a holistic perspective later ignore the dental complications.

They treat patients as the next anonymous customer who needs their services. What they learn in dental school they apply to their patients.

The problem occurs when dental treatments fail. As a patient, you are the most important pain indicator.

You just feel like it’s not okay. You feel pain again!

In a good scenario, you go back to your dentist, they fix what wasn’t fixed, and you’re pain free.

But in real life you might come back with a persistent painful problem and the dentist might convince you that everything seems right and what you think is wrong.

Does that mean you imagined pain, like a hypochondriac? If the dentist wants to ignore your case, he will use those words and advise you to relax and go home.

It may seem like you are being thrown into a trance of your own self-doubt, shame, and guilt.

Firstly, such dentists lack complex holistic knowledge. More importantly, their inadequacy, insecurities, worries and concerns surface when triggered by “difficult patients”.

In my opinion, school is the institution where knowledge is acquired and one has no right to question it, to change it and to implement it as truth.

It prevents people from being able to think outside the box. They are like little puppets; they only do and learn what they have to.

Humans are programmed to unchanging scientific dogmas, such as B. Ideas that teeth are a separate part of the human body, only a dentist can cure your medical problems, the body cannot cure tooth decay, etc.

These beliefs are just a few of various mind programs. They keep us in an unconscious negative state in which openness to alternatives and confidence in gaining new knowledge are closed off until it is removed from the system for good.

Well, there is a process by which you can gain trust in your intuition, by which you can make healthy choices about your life and your teeth.

Thanks to Iga Wisniewska | #Dentists #Ignore #Dental #Problems

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