University of Rio Grande

University of Rio Grande


Beginning with the 10 acres of land donated by Permelia Artwood in 1873, the university campus has grown considerably with active community and local support. The Madog Center for Welsh Studies in 1996 and the Meigs Center in Middleport in 1998 are some examples of campus expansion with community support.

Short Story

The university is home to over two thousand students and has a history of significant achievements throughout its centuries-long existence. In sharp contrast to its initial characteristic of a local college in 1876, the institution has now gone global in every sense of the word…Affiliation with the Baptists officially ended in the early 1950s when it was bought by Bob Evans, and in the same That year, Bevo Francis put it on the world map with a legendary basketball performance of 113 points in a single game, an NCAA record to date.


The North Central Association of Colleges and Schools approved Rio Grande with accreditation in 1969. One of the key contributors to accreditation was the Institute’s Davis Library.

courses offered

A variety of courses and majors are offered by the university which has earned a solid reputation for the educational patterns and nursing programs it runs. Another unique feature is the teacher training program, which is built around Howard Gardener’s theory of multiple intelligences. Interactive media, graphic design, diagnostic medical sonography, respiratory therapy and radiological technologies are some of the additions to the courses offered. Online degrees are offered to students who have enrolled in distance learning courses.

Changes in the 21st century

The transition from the general curriculum to the semester system occurred in 2001. The university introduced cyberspace options for learning and distance learning, using the internet for online education.


The University of Rio Grande has three types of admissions for undergraduate, graduate and masters degrees. Applications should be supported with preparatory certificates and transcripts, ACT and GED scores. It is free to apply online, but it costs $25 by mail or other means. Additional requirements for applying for a master’s degree are a valid teaching certificate or license from states that have a reciprocal relationship with Ohio and three professional recommendations.

Financial help

Scholarships, bursaries, and traditional loans, while available to university students, must be accepted by the university before financial aid is determined. The graduation grant is special financial support for students who are aiming for a university degree. For details, you can register on the university’s website or contact the Financial Aid Office.

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