What Are The IT Degree Programmes Offered By NTU and SMU?

What Are The IT Degree Programmes Offered By NTU and SMU?

If you are considering studying IT in Singapore, be sure to check out the IT programs offered by NUS (National Universities of Singapore), NTU (Nanyang Technological University) and SMU (Singapore Management University). This article will guide you through the different IT degrees offered by NTU and SMU.

NTU is one of the largest public universities in Singapore, internationally renowned for its research-intensive higher education. It is one of the fastest growing research universities and the largest engineering school in the world. NTU’s School of Computer Engineering currently offers two IT degrees; namely Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Engineering) and Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Science).

The Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Engineering) (NTU) is a four-year program that aims to produce engineers trained in a specialty that uses microelectronics and computer science to design computer systems for real-time applications in industry and commerce. Combination of knowledge from computer science and electrical engineering. This course is suitable for people with a good basic knowledge of electronics and an interest in IT hardware.

Another option is the Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Science) (NTU). It is also a four-year program with a greater focus on the efficient application of computer technology in industry. Another focus is on the practice-oriented design of efficient and reliable software according to given specifications. This is suitable for those interested in software usage and design.

SMU was Singapore’s first private university funded by the government. Founded in early 2000, SMU is now an autonomous, state-funded university, similar to NUS and NTU. SMU’s School of Information Systems currently offers a Bachelor of Science (Information Systems Management) degree.

The Bachelor of Science (Information Systems Management) (SMU) is not about making computer hardware or repairing IT equipment. It’s about designing, building, deploying, and managing software applications that solve business problems and challenges. The program is heavily influenced by industry and academic leaders who understand the forces of global change and the critical use of IT in business environments.

From Computer Science to Computer Engineering to Computational Biology, local universities in Singapore offer a wide range of IT degree programs for you to choose from. Regardless of whether you aspire to an IT career in the future or not, an IT degree will definitely open up a whole world of opportunities for you. So be sure to attend the university open house to learn more, and enroll in your favorite program today.

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