Types Of Lockout Electrical Panel And Their Usage

Square boxes with interlocking switch panels are specially designed to interlock switches with levers. This device encloses the electrical plugs and switches. Different lockout product manufacturers offer different types of lockout XP available in the market.

Here we have compiled the types of lockout switchboards along with their uses. This article will help you better understand the types of lockout panels and make an informed decision while choosing the lockout tagout products for your machine process.

Types of lockout switchboards

  • EP Lockout Square Box This is used when more than one unit needs to be locked onto a single panel – we recommend using our De Electric Squeezer lock, passing the yellow cable through the access holes of these electric locks and locking in one location for multiple users.

  • E-Panel Lockout Square Box – Big 90 Degree – Manufactured from durable, clear specialty material, each unit is designed to enclose electrical plugs to prevent machines from being fully powered.

  • Large square EPL box For locking different sizes of EP by square locking panel. It is made of high quality PVC, two piece construction with a flat brass padlock.

  • EPL – ellipse – This is a transparent panel. A padlock can be fitted to lock/disconnect the switches.

  • Panel handle lock E-Panel Handle Lock EPHL’s patented design freezes movement of the larger handles/levers installed on the E-Panels.

  • Normal push button lock This is made for electrical purposes. Extremely safe and effective for locking emergency stop mushroom buttons.

  • Latch with oversized push button This is the most appreciated lockout solution for the oversized electric push buttons on EP or control stations. It also finds its application on the special crane / heavy machinery.

Choose the EP according to your needs and budget. When fitted, the electrical plugs/switches/buttons can be isolated by placing the housing unit over the top of the base plate, preventing access to the remote switch. Then they can be locked with a lockout padlock.

Which lockout panel should you buy?

So! The answer to this question lies in your business needs. To better solve this question, analyze your task requirement and then choose the best switchboard.

These were the popular types of e-lockout panels and their uses. As a trusted lockout supplier, Safety House Loto offers you the best products. In addition, we are an ISO-certified company; Therefore, you can have no worries about the quality and longevity of our lockout tag out products.

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