The Power of Homeschooling

By | June 19, 2022

There are 3 powerful reasons why homeschooling works. These include:

(1.) Homeschooling enables exposure to a wide range of people, ideas, and places. Homeschooling is flexible enough to allow for family trips whenever you want. This provides a great way to learn through tours, meet knowledgeable people, and volunteer. Even better, you can take advantage of these opportunities during the weekdays, when there aren’t too many people and the guides/educators have time to answer your individual questions. Add in some library books and videos, write thank-you notes, write a portfolio entry describing your “adventure,” and the opportunity to give an oral presentation to fellow homeschoolers, and you’ll see how powerful this can really be . This also teaches your child(ren) that there are great teachers in every walk of life.

(2.) If you own your own home business, homeschooling is an opportunity to teach your child/children business skills. Starting a home business today is relatively easy and painless. Involving your child/children in your home business is an excellent opportunity to teach them skills that will serve them well in whatever livelihood they choose as adults. Just think of the various business opportunities that present themselves. For example, you can teach your child/children how to do simple bookkeeping on the computer.

(3.) Homeschooling allows for great flexibility for vacations. You can easily vacation in the off-season, when prices are significantly lower and crowds are infrequent. For example, if your family likes to camp, you can go during the week or the weeks before Memorial Day and after Labor Day.

As you can easily see, homeschooling allows a family to do so much of what they really love to do. This is the greatest power of homeschooling.

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