Admission Requirements to Universities in Australia

There are three common routes to gain admission to universities in Australia. The easiest way is to get grades in year 12 that meet the minimum requirements of a university, or have grades high enough to meet the criteria set for your chosen university course. Secondly, you can also qualify for university studies via distance learning courses at universities. A third method would be to get good scores on proficiency tests that some universities use to select students.

Regarding the first mode, universities set minimum requirements based on the admissions scores of 12th grade students. In this regard, students who receive the highest scores for admission in their 12th year typically have no trouble getting into their chosen university courses. Entry scores are known differently in different states of Australia. In Victoria they call their entry scores ENTER, short for Equivalent National Tertiary Rank; in Queensland they are known as Overall Position Rank or OP; in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory they use the acronym UAI for University Admission Index; and in Tasmania and other states they are called TER, which means Tasmanian Certificate of Education.

The various agencies monitoring these outcomes are the state Tertiary Admission Centers. Interested students can find out the pass score for admission to their preferred university courses through the Australian Student Website. Easily navigate through the listings of the various universities in each state.

It is more convenient to take the courses offered by the Open Universities Australia (OUA). Seven of Australia’s top universities have joined forces to run the OUA. These are Curtin University, Griffith University, Macquarie University, Monash University, RMIT University, Swinburne University and the University of South Australia. The majority of undergraduate programs offered by OUA have no admissions requirements. Students do not need to be physically present on campus as their entire degree can be conducted at their home. It enables students to meet other commitments during their studies. Upon graduation, they receive certificates from a recognized Australian university.

The OUA has a variety of courses to choose from. You have the option to enroll in a short bridging program that will equip you with the skills you need to meet the requirements of a university degree. You can also gain professional qualifications by training based on the qualification requirements of companies and industries. You can also enroll in the OUA undergraduate course to earn a university degree. The OUA also offers postgraduate courses for students and professionals who are interested in further education.

The final route to availing of a university education in Australia is through proficiency tests. Applicants who, for various reasons, do not have the required grades for the 12th grade can take a university-specific aptitude test. One proficiency test that a prospective university student can take is the Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT). This test is performed by VTAC. You can consult the websites of various universities to find out which courses accept STAT scores for admission.

Other aptitude tests used by universities to select students are the general performance test (GAT) and the uniTest. Universities use the results of these tests, combined with grade 12 results, to determine applicants’ chances of success in completing a course.

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