What is a Virtual School?

Public schools have joined the trend of offering distance learning to people in different parts of the country. Virtual schools are making strides in different states. Virtual school will be a term that many people will not be familiar with.

Virtual schools are distance learning schools operated by the country’s public school system. They are web-based and students receive the information at home. They are responsible for the state examination requirements and the school keeps the records of academic achievement.

Virtual schools within the states have a curriculum for students from kindergarten through 12th grade. Others have virtual schools for middle and high school students, but that depends on the state. Some states say they have virtual schools for the entire K-12 range. The majority of schools have a full curriculum, but some schools that are still developing have some classes in a few subjects. Check if your virtual school has a diploma. Some have a full curriculum but no diploma.

Virtual schools exist in states like: Missouri, Florida, Louisiana and Michigan. These schools may or may not charge tuition. When the state funds the school, the students are funded. Other states have a tuition fee like a private school. Virtual schools allow people from different states to enroll. This means that if you live in a state that doesn’t have a virtual school, you can still get an education. If enrollment is at an out-of-state virtual school, the tuition fee may be higher in this case.

Virtual schools have similar high standards to regular public schools. The instructors are certified teachers who work only for these schools or work for the school as part of their contract with the district school. These schools go to great lengths to provide high school students with good school experiences for life. Once a student joins a virtual school, they can temporarily join high school clubs. Some examples are foreign language clubs, science clubs, virtual school newspapers for journalists of the future and international clubs. There may even be online science fairs for students to attend. Students can also play sports. There will be variations in the Virtual School of Physical Education, so contact the district and learn about their policies before registering.

Parents may be confused as to whether or not these are homeschools. As a reminder, virtual schools are not homeschools. They consider the students to be public students and receive money from the state for their enrollment. Students must meet state exam requirements and all records are kept by the school.

Many states do not require records or tests for homeschooled students, so the public school system still controls virtual students. If you want to get out of government controlled education, virtual school is not for you. If you want to keep your kids safe at home and still get a good education, then virtual school is for you.

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