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By | July 3, 2022

Just by the way. For those who would “box” us into a certain “category”………

We don’t just write articles. There is one place where we actually train these methods every day. People from different backgrounds come together here and have one thing in common: TRAINING.

In the “dojo” (what it is) we train grappling methods from many different styles. Hard hard training in throws, takedowns, jointlocks, chokes, chokeholds and varied submissions. We drill and drill and FIGHT.

In the “dojo” (what it is) we train punching, punching and kicking techniques from many different styles. Hard hard training. We drill and drill, we hit heavy bags, banana bags, uppercut bags, speed bags, “makiwara” and “savings professionals”. We train full contact with Bogu and FIGHT.

In the “dojo” (what it is) we train in hard combat-oriented physical conditioning. Strength training, speed training, endless drills, grappling exercises, punching exercises. This helps us to FIGHT. That’s what we do.

The DOJO is here. It’s real and tangible. Here we TRAIN.

Just a note for anyone who might think we’re JUST sitting around reading books and lecturing. The door is always open and the invitation to training is there. You can call 973.831.0315.

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