The best places to dive in Boracay

If you are traveling to Boracay to learn to scuba dive, you are on the right track. Boracay is endowed with world-class diving sites. Dive learning centers are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. Boracay diving instructors are also known for being good diving instructors. Boracay is one of the best places to take the first jump.

As a beginner, you usually start your diving lessons at dive sites near Boracay’s beaches. Although it may take time to fully learn the skills of scuba diving, there is a motivation to learn quickly so you can explore the other dive sites and experience more stunning underwater views.

In most cases, you can also obtain your diving certification after completing a short diving course or after completing a series of training sessions. As a beginner, your goal might be to get your scuba certification. However, if you just want to learn the basics and learn the basics of scuba diving like holding your breath, one day is enough.

However, if you are already a professional diver, you will have a lot of fun at the dive sites in Boracay. With Boracay’s clear blue waters and dive sites on the southern and northern ends of the island, it’s just the perfect spot if you feel the urge to dive. Boracay dive sites offer breathtaking views of marine life that will delight your eyes and provide you with an excellent diving experience.

Here is a list of the best dive sites in Boracay:

1. Yapak 1 and 2 will provide any diver with an exciting dive due to its rich coral reefs and reef walls. The famous 2 walls of Yapak are known to challenge experienced divers because of rough waters.

2. Baling Hai Beach is on the list for its Acropa table corals. Baling Hai Beach is only for experienced divers due to its strong currents.

3. Bel-at-Strand has hard corals and colorful wall reefs that make the dive site scenic.

The strong currents can be intimidating even for experienced divers, but the view is definitely worth taking the plunge.

4. That Friday rock Dive site is famous for its reef creatures such as moral eels, pincushion starfish and lagoon rays. Divers prefer Friday’s Rock if they want to feed fish while diving.

5.Punta Bonga has marine life that includes starfish, angelfish, sea cucumbers, and butterfly fish, among others. Punta Bonga offers an easy dive site as its bottom is made up of soft corals.

Whether you are a beginner trying to learn for the first time or an experienced diver looking for more adventure, you will find that diving in Boracay is a fulfilling experience. Visit these top dive sites and see for yourself. Escape the hustle and bustle at the beach and experience nature from a different perspective. The sea and its creatures will welcome you with open arms.

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