Simple Methods for Training Racing Pigeons

Training pigeons is not an easy task. Pigeon fanciers prefer to train from a very young age. Systematic daily training will bring you positive results. There are many factors to consider when training pigeons, particularly in relation to feed and supplements. The first and most important factor is to have food and water ready for the returning pigeons. You can find the best and potential racing pigeons at a very young age, mainly 24-30 days old.

The possible methods of training carrier pigeons can vary depending on breed type and distance. Methods also vary depending on the food being fed. The best way to train is from a younger age, before you start free flying. Begin training by placing them in a fly pen (wired area) and placing feeders in the attic. This will ensure they return to the attic for food and water. This can be followed for the first two to three weeks. Now you can open the fly pen and let the pigeons fly freely. Let them fly free and don’t be alarmed. In this phase the pigeons start to fly, flock and return to the loft for food and water.

You can start training pigeons by taking them out for two, five or ten miles. Continue in the same way over the next few days until you make sure the pigeons come to the loft themselves. As you make sure they return to the punch a few times, gradually increase the distance to 30, 40, or 50 miles. This is the easiest way to train the pigeons. Run the pigeons daily or regularly three times a week. It is important to take the pigeons in all possible directions during training to ensure they find their way home to the loft.

Do not take the carrier pigeons out to train in the rain, strong wind and fog. These climatic conditions are not suitable for training racing pigeons, as it can affect their health. It is advisable to start training the younger ones by taking them out for 2 miles at the beginning and gradually increasing it to 5, 10, 12, 15 and 20 eventually. By then they would have developed good speed and better return functions.

An important feature and benefit of training racing pigeons together is that you can give them a vaccination and be weaned at the same age. The best time to train them is before 9am. Try varying training schedules and distances. They should have separate training schedules for birds that fly 20 miles in 2 hours and others that can fly no better. Make sure you regularly feed the birds indefinitely until the afternoon before they are drawn.

Training pigeons is very interesting, especially if you love your pigeons. With proper training and care, pigeons can fly more than 90 miles in an hour at an average speed of 60+ in an hour. In addition to training, good supplements should be fed in good time. For better results, feed natural ingredients and avoid artificial additives.

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