Online Degree Program for Science in Safety, Security & Emergency Management Professionals

With the growing competitiveness in the job market today, an advanced degree is becoming more and more of a necessity. This is one reason why Eastern Kentucky University has developed the Master of Science in Safety, Security & Emergency Management and Concentration/Certificate Programs as a part of its distance education line up. Eastern Kentucky University, which has regional accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), offers the only Master of Science in Safety, Security & Emergency Management program that can be completed entirely online. So that you can obtain the vital training and education that you need while maintaining your current lifestyle.


You have four options with the Master of Science in Safety, Security and Emergency Management program. You may choose a concentration in one of three ares including: Homeland Security, Occupational Safety, or Fire and Safety Services. Alternatively, you may elect a multi-track concentration that combines all three. Incidentally, these three areas are also available from Eastern Kentucky University as certificate programs. The Master’s program is designed to instill a strong sense of responsibility in students while providing them with a broad knowledge base from which to draw on.

Taking around two years to complete, the Master of Sciences In Safety, Security and Emergency Management online degree program consists of thirty-six credit hours. To complete the program you have the option of preparing a thesis or taking two additional courses. Given the highly specialized nature of the field and the uniqueness of the program, admissions requirements are somewhat competitive. Accepting applications only 6 times a year, Eastern Kentucky University requires a minimum GPA of 3.0 in undergraduate work, especially in the last 60 hours of degree work as well as a score of 425 on both the math and verbal portions of the GRE and a score of 3.0 on the analytical writing portion of the GRE or a 375 score on the MAT. Additionally, international students must have a TOEFL score of 550. To complete the admissions process you must submit your transcripts demonstrating that you hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university and test scores along with three letters of recommendation, a completed application, and the $35 application fee. In some cases, Provisional or Probationary admissions may be allowed for some students who do not meet all of the required elements. If you have questions about this, be sure to speak with an enrollment advisor in Eastern Kentucky University’s admissions department.

Tuition will run you around $500 per credit hour but the exceptional quality of the program may be well worth the cost. And of course, financial aid and student loans may be an option for many students who are serious about pursing a Master of Sciences In Safety, Security and Emergency Management degree. Again, this is something than an advisor from the admissions department can help you with and the application process for student financial aid is free and relatively simple to complete. So cost may not keep you from pursing your career goals.

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