How to Select Online Degree Program for your Human Services Career

How to Select Online Degree Program for your Human Services Career

The field of human services is so broad, it allows for almost limitless career opportunities in providing services to those in need. If you are planning to make a success career in human services field, your career future is almost guaranteed. There are many human services related degrees offered online and you can utilize the advantages of online education to earn a degree to enable you to kick start your human services career. Here are some tips to guide you in selecting the related human services online degree program that is inline with your career goal.


Before you start searching for any online degree program, the first question you need to ask yourself is what area of human services you are interested to start your career with. The field of human services is so broad; some areas need specialty of knowledge and skills such as psychology and counseling while other may just need a more general education qualification for you to start your human services career.

Common human services careers and their related online degree programs are:

1. Careers in Social Work
Social works involves helping people to regain and/or improve their ability to live happily and successfully. In addition, some social works may also include helping individuals, families and community groups to shape their society so that they can achieve their goals.

The famous online universities that offer social work online degree programs are:

Walden University offers online Ph.D. in Human Services with Specialization in Clinical Social Work that prepares you with the required knowledge on public services.

Bellevue University offers online Bachelor Degree in Human & Social Services Administration, a degree focus on internal and external operation of non-profit organization.

Capella University offers both master and doctorate degree programs in human services. A bachelor degree in human services will enrich your professional knowledge on human services while a doctorate degree advanced your knowledge and leadership skills to prepare you for a managerial position.

2. Careers in Counseling
Counseling is a career designed to prevent, diagnose and treat mental, emotional, physical or behavioral disorders. As a professional counselor, among your jobs are helping people overcome a specific crisis and/or problem and help them to develop goals and objectives that contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Most universities offered online master and doctorate degree in counseling as most counseling jobs required a minimum of master degree for qualification. If you are interested in pursuing a counseling degree online, these are accredited online universities that offered related online counseling degrees:

Walden University offers bachelor degree for mental health counseling degree and doctorate in counseling psychology. 

University of Phoenix offers various master degrees in counseling with specialization in marriage, family and child therapy, community counseling, mental counseling and school counseling.

3. Careers in Psychology
For those who are interested to pursue a career in psychology, you have over 20 different specialties to choose from. However, majority of students tend to lean toward careers in clinical, counseling, and school psychology. In term of education requirement for career in psychology, most states require you to have a minimum of master degree in psychology but if you are holding a Ph.D degree, you will have advantages over the other competitors with more options in starting your career in this competitive field.

Popular online psychology degree programs offered by prestigious universities include:

Walden University offers various online Ph.D in psychology with specialization in Educational Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Counseling Psychology, Health Psychology, Organizational Psychology and School Psychology.

Capella University offers both master and doctorate degree in psychology. Besides covering those popular online psychology degree programs offered by many of online universities, Capella University does offer Sport Psychology program for those students who are interested to pursue their psychology career in sport related fields.


The field of human services offers the prestige of an established profession, a wide range of interesting duties, a good financial opportunities and career satisfaction. There are many different specialties of online degree program offered for human services careers for you to choose from, what you need to do is select one that is inline with your career goal.

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