Moving to San Diego? The best kept secret of free continuing education

By | July 5, 2022

Are you moving to San Diego and want to learn one of the country’s best kept secrets?

Moving to San Diego has many wonderful surprises in store for you to learn more about the city. Most people are familiar with the beautiful beaches, perfect 70-degree weather, and exciting nightlife that the Gaslamp District offers. However, most people are unaware of a wonderful continuing education program sponsored by the city that is ideal for anyone looking to either continue learning, train for a new job, or improve their skills in their current job.

Ready for the good news? The City of San Diego has 8 different campus locations where San Diego residents can take FREE continuing education courses. That’s right, free. The idea behind the program is that if the city’s residents learn new skills, they can be promoted in their current job, retrain for a new job, or get a higher-paying job as a result of the education. All of these scenarios increase the city’s tax revenue.

One of the best kept secrets about moving to San Diego is that California residents can take advantage of FREE continuing education programs at one of 8 locations.

With California’s unemployment rate at an all-time high, many are considering retraining. Retraining for a new job or learning new skills in case you get laid off is wise advice. Continuing education programs consist of job retraining, computer literacy, or improving your life with new skills.

Further information can be found in the current course schedule:

Happy training!

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