How to learn Spanish numbers or vocabulary online – 3 tips

By | July 5, 2022

If you want to know how to learn Spanish numbers online or Spanish number vocabulary, I have 3 helpful tips for you that you can start using right away. However, remember that learning numbers is only one aspect of learning a foreign language. You need to learn a lot more than just numbers to be able to have a conversation in Spanish or any other language.

Tip 1: Do a search for free downloadable Spanish numbers vocabulary.

It’s important that you not only know how to say the numbers in Spanish, but also recognize them when you hear them spoken. That’s why you should download an MP3 file with Spanish number vocabulary. Listen to the audio until you feel confident you can recognize the numbers in Spanish when you hear them.

Tip 2: Buy a Spanish phrasebook online.

A Spanish phrasebook should include the names of numbers, clothes, foods, family members, colors and many other Spanish vocabulary, among other things. A phrase book is also an inexpensive investment to learn Spanish. You can find one at or your favorite online bookstore.

Tip 3: Write number names on index cards.

This is a method to create your own homemade flashcards. You can buy multiple color index cards at Staples, Office Depot, and many brick-and-mortar stores. Write the number (the digit) on one side of the index card and write the number in Spanish on the other side of the index card.

Regarding the self study courses, I noticed that Pimsleur Spanish was excellent at teaching numbers but not as good at teaching conversational Spanish as the Learn Spanish Like Crazy course.

If you follow these 3 tips, you will learn your Spanish vocabulary for numbers very quickly. Knowing the numbers in Spanish is especially useful if you are traveling to Spain or Latin America and want to pay for items.

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