Make Money Online: Increase Your Earnings With High Commission Affiliate Programs

Making money online through affiliate marketing is not an easy task. Beginners often become increasingly frustrated with their minimal returns because they neglect their business plan while trying to create one. By choosing the right affiliate products and joining the right affiliate programs, you have the opportunity to multiply your earnings. All this, by the way, with the same effort.


If you pay attention to the “experts,” you’ve already learned that you need to choose an affiliate product that will bring you a high percentage per sale. As a rule of thumb, many individuals will not promote a product unless they earn at least 40% commission per sale.

Wow! Forty percent commission? Sounds impressive right?

It does until you realize that 40% of $9.99 is less than $4.00. So let’s forget what “they” told us about focusing on products that earn you a high percentage commission per sale.


They also advise you to pay attention to the statistics that an affiliate program provides. If you want to understand how successfully a product converts, you should pay attention to how popular a product is, product gravity, and keyword competition.

Pooh. Sounds like a lot, right?

It’s too much if you ask me. Gravity and Popularity are stats that can often be manipulated by the larger players in the game. Over time I’ve found these to be almost useless indicators of whether a product will help me make money online.


Forget almost everything “they” taught you. “They” just want you to buy and promote “their” products. I’ve discovered that the secret to online financial success is promoting products that make me a meager 4% to 8% commission? Would you believe you can still make thousands of dollars with these low commissions?

You should look into advertising high-priced items. The vast majority of the items I promote cost tens – if not hundreds – of thousands of dollars. And instead of rushing from sale to sale after sale, I focus my energy and now just realize that two, four, five sales a month is all it takes for financial success.


It’s not about the percentage you earn per sale. It’s not even about the stats they provide you with. It’s all about finding expensive items that can make you thousands of dollars on every sale.

Interested in finding high quality items to promote and watching your profits skyrocket?

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