Google AdWords – 6.25% CTR, 9 clicks, 3 sales in one day

Google AdWords – 6.25% CTR, 9 clicks, 3 sales in one day

I recently found a niche product and decided to test it with AdWords. I also posted the following on the PPC Classroom forum.


First, I came up with a few keywords by reading the website I’m going to promote. Finding these keywords from a buyer’s perspective is important.


I used wildcard keyword search in Google Cash Detective 2.0 (GCD2) to find the most profitable Google ads, the number of searches per month for the keywords, and to take a look at the competition.

Next, I used Google Insights and Google Trends for research. The main things to consider here are the locations and the search volume. I’ve compared the search volume data to the GCD2 information and see if it’s worth launching. Then I looked at which countries have the highest search volume, down to which state. I selected the relevant keywords and locations and launched my campaigns.

campaign launch

I set up the 3 campaigns on different days.

1st Campaign – Day 1, ran for 2 days, overlapped with Day 2. 0.63% ctr. 3 keywords.

2nd Campaign – Day 2, ran 1 day. 1.26% ctr. 3 keywords.

3rd Campaign – Day 3, ran 1 day. 6.25% ctr. 2 keywords.

For the 3rd campaign I made 3 sales with 9 clicks. You may have noticed that the CPC is a bit high. But that’s just the first day of testing. I typically set the daily budget at around $20-$25 and the CPC at around $3. This is to test the market.

I changed 1 keyword between the first 2 campaigns. Two new keywords used in the third campaign.


Keywords -> Research -> Campaign. This is the method I use every time to get a good click-through rate (CTR). A good CTR means traffic is going to your link, which means customers are buying the products you are promoting. In my future posts I will cover how to get a low CPC. Thanks for looking guys!

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