Developing good reading habits in young learners at home – 8 tips

Reading among children is a rare sight these days, unlike in the past, learners have had enough time to engage with a story book, magazine or paperback and the like.

Today our youngsters are busy with their gadget, let’s say they play ML or whatever app they have on their phone.

This, of course, reflects the kind of readers we have at school and at home. Slow reading and poor comprehension are only bad consequences of the lack of reading habit in children who developed at a younger age. Add to this the difficulties they encounter in spelling words correctly, the inability to form a complete sentence, and so on.

With the myriad of problems or challenges our children face, there is always a proven strategy that is of course doable.

Developing the good habit of reading in our children is really timely and crucial to their learning success.

Parents need to do something to encourage their children to read.

Here are tips to give kids a chance to learn some reading skills.

1. Make sure there is a reading corner at home. Varied books, magazines, newspapers, etc. must be available on shelves and be readable by children. Encyclopedia, big dictionary if you have one must be used by children; not just exhibition materials. Books are meant to be read, not to show off in your home.

2. Show them you enjoy reading. Yes, actions speak louder than words. When children see you reading, they are encouraged to read.

3. Do some reading time together. Reading aloud with the family is an unforgettable sight. Instead of watching TV, why not read once or twice a week? Yes, let this be wisdom for parents out there to make time to read together with their kids.

4. Buy books for her, er, bring her to the bookstore. Yes, a visit to the bookstore once a month is a good reading boost for your kids. Not only will you have more fascination with books, but you will also be curious to see different types of books.

5. If you read newspapers, make sure they also know the latest news, trends, etc. A little chat with them about the latest in science, politics, etc. could really kick-start their reading habits for maximum learning. Yes, these types of bonding moments will definitely be fun for them and a meaningful learning experience.

6. Read to them. Having these types of bonding moments could really build a positive relationship with your kids. Yes, these become moments that you remember when they are old and you are no longer with them.

7. Invite guest readers into your home. Yes, relatives or whatever could be a fun and meaningful experience for kids. Social and personal skills can be developed through this simple but powerful learning experience for young learners.

8. When children have reading difficulties, there are many learning resources: YouTube, learning websites and school portals are within reach. What it takes is time and creativity to have these learning centers, portals or other tools for effective learning search.

So there you have it. With these, your children’s reading tour would definitely be fun and meaningful, and one day they will be writers and speakers – with substance.

Make our young learners more curious about books, stories and everything around them. Curiosity is the beginning of learning. Make curiosity your ally to encourage them to self-learn through reading. Yes, it’s more fun and makes more sense when done right at home.

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