Fundamentals of SAP Training: SAP Basis

SAP CRM used for customer relationship management and SAP SD used for work related to sales and distribution. In addition, SAP also offers a range of financial modules, making it one of the most comprehensive business solutions for overall growth and system management.

With regard to a more specific understanding of SAP, training in SAP Basis is absolutely necessary. SAP Basis is a unique layer in the entire SAP architecture. The basis acts as a link between the computational aspect of the system, i.e. database, operating system, architecture, etc., and the modules of SAP such as CRM, SD, PS, PP, QM and others. Basis would like to offer a solution that is integrated with the business application software and can help to manage the system. After completing this course, a SAP Basis Administrator should be able to ensure that they can manage the various SAP products including SRM, ECC, BI, Solman and others.

For those who want to learn SAP Basis, a very thorough and deep understanding of the SAP environment is not a requirement, although it is an added benefit. However, candidates are expected to have a basic understanding of operating systems, basic database skills, and an understanding of object-oriented programming in any language such as C++ or Java.

As a SAP Basis Administrator, key roles and responsibilities include SAP system health check, server monitoring, performance tuning, analyzing dumps, configurations, database administration, managing background jobs and installations. Therefore, from a backend perspective, a SAP Basis Administrator occupies a crucial position when it comes to holding the SAP system together for the organization as a whole.

The various elements of this course typically include:

  • Introduction to Basis: How to Install SAP GUI, SAP Instance, Learn SAP Architecture

  • Clients: create new clients in SAP, delete clients, copy clients

  • User Permission: create user, lock/unlock user, password restrictions

  • Background jobs: processing background jobs, monitoring background jobs, deleting background jobs

  • Transport Management System: Configuration of TMS, transport layers and routes, transport order

  • Patch administration: SAP kernel updates, SAP system monitoring, searching for traces of an OSS tip

  • RFC: Remote Function Call, Configuration and Testing of RFC

  • Data migration: IDOC, SAP LSMW, LSMW data migration

A SAP Basis training course can be an important catalyst for the change of position from a junior SAP trainee or assistant to an administrator. Offering convenience and flexibility, SAP Basis online courses are great for those who are already pursuing a career but want to further build their profile.

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