Forex Education – The best free resources to develop a strategy for success

If you want to trade Forex and win, get all the information you need to create a successful Forex trading strategy for free. Let’s look at where to get the best free forex education…

First, let us tell you the places you shouldn’t even consider!

Forex forums are a waste of time, only losers hang around giving out their so called wisdom to make them feel better since they can’t trade. Another group are the forex robot affiliates who will tell you that the way to success is a $100 trading system! Avoid forums.

Broker research is another source of information to skip; If brokers made money, they wouldn’t be brokers. Most of the research is geared towards opening accounts, so it reflects the majority opinion, which of course is wrong.

Also, don’t bother with e-books that ask for an email address before giving you anything. Most of the information is common sense.

Now let’s look at the good sources and the first thing you need to do is to get familiar with Forex technical analysis as it is the easiest and most time efficient way of trading.

Just type in the phrase and you can learn all about it and you should also learn specifically about support and resistance, overbought and oversold and breakout trading as understanding this information is the foundation of any successful forex trading strategy.

Next, find a good charting service, there are many free ones and check out and learn about the indicators they offer. There are numerous, but every trader should learn these:

Bollinger Bands, Stochastics, RSI, ADX and Moving Averages.

You will then have the foundation for a simple, robust forex trading strategy that will allow you to enjoy forex trading success.

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