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By | June 23, 2022

Counseling psychology is the largest specialty in psychology. The Society of Counseling Psychology describes this field as “…a psychological specialty that facilitates personal and interpersonal functioning throughout the lifespan, with an emphasis on emotional, social, professional, educational, health, developmental, and organizational concerns.” Those who aspiring or aspiring to a career in counseling psychology will find a wide range of optional career paths open to them as well. These can involve research, teaching, careers counseling and, of course, psychotherapy.

There are a number of options when it comes to studying counseling psychology courses online or remotely, but before you enroll in a course, make sure the course is internationally accredited. While most online courses offer all or most of the above qualifications, it is still better to conduct a thorough background check on shortlisted colleges before paying for course fees. However, before enrolling in a counseling psychology degree, you have to decide which specialization you are aiming for, since there are hardly any limits to the career opportunities after completing such a degree. Even large companies nowadays employ counselors, therapists and psychologists as the workplaces become sources of great emotional and psychological stress.

Counseling psychologists can even work independently. Many schools and colleges seek counseling psychologists and therapists to guide their students. One’s job could be guiding students on the right career path through career counseling, or counseling hyperactive or problematic students to alleviate their problems. Other areas of application for counseling psychology are crisis counseling centres, hospitals, individual self-help groups and rehabilitation facilities. While a practicing counseling psychologist requires education and training, perhaps the most important thing is patience. Without patience one cannot hope to become a good counselor or therapist in this field. You deal with different people and with a wide range of mental health problems. Sometimes things can get a little nasty too. But with patience, perseverance and above all dedication you can imagine a successful career path in counseling psychology. Counseling psychologists do a great service to society by helping people who need counseling. You are directly responsible for promoting good mental health and preventing mental, physical and social disorders.

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