BBA: How Can a Marketing Degree Help You in Your Career?

Bachelor of Business Administration is a very common choice among people interested in management. There are different types of BBA courses, some people opt for a general course or a specialized course. If you are interested in marketing management, market analysis, and advertising, you can pursue a specialized BBA course in marketing. The course helps develop communication skills along with quantitative analysis. There are standard subjects of management, but the emphasis is on marketing and advertising. Marketing is an important social process for any business as it helps them target the right and intended audience. It does not mean selling but consists of economic activities such as production of goods, merchandising function, physical distribution of goods and many other supporting functions. It prepares a company to act in difficult times and individuals are trained to take on important tasks such as competitor analysis.

What does the course teach?

Marketing management deals with the application of managerial and business principles to promote and sell a product or service. The advanced form of the marketing management course includes digital marketing in addition to the traditional forms. Marketing management is very important for any business. Every aspect, including financial services like loans and banking, requires marketing. Through BBA students learn about business processes and practices and understand how business works in the global marketplace. It benefits students by providing hands-on management training that can help them adapt and work in organizations large or small. The course is also very rewarding in terms of the perks, incentives and salary package, making it a preferred career choice.

Some of the subjects that the course teaches are:

organizational behavior

management principles

corporate communications

marketing management

marketing process

marketing environment

alignment and positioning

product management

brand management

HR management

financial management


distribution management

Marketing Information Systems

consumer behavior

market research

Customer Relationship Management

International Marketing Management

The course will provide you with skills such as decision making and management. The benefit of getting a BBA degree is that you can get a job in any industry, from media to automotive to fashion. You can also opt for a job in the private or public sector as everything requires marketing. Marketing also teaches you to understand consumer behavior after which the company changes its strategy.

What is the scope of BBA Marketing in India?

Students who earn a marketing degree can pursue a career as a sales executive or move into research analysis. The course typically requires students to write a thesis or dissertation that may be helpful for advanced study. You can opt for a generic or a specialized Masters in Business Administration. Marketing is also offered as a specialization in the master’s degree. After your master’s degree, you can work as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or Chief Operating Officer (COO). The most important thing is that every marketing manager has to apply new business strategies and strategic tools, technologies and processes and adapt to new situations.

The research you do in your undergraduate programs can also be helpful in market analysis and study the fluctuating market and develop a strategy based on that. After their bachelor’s degree in business administration, some joint careers may include:

Sales manager

Promotion Manager

Public Relations Manager

advertising manager

Marketing Manager

marketing strategist

Brand manager

PR specialist

Marketing Manager

advertising professional

Market Analyst

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