Associative Remote Viewing Software Application To Lotto Numbers

Associative remote viewing software is a helpful ability in your mind to see numbers in general and lottery numbers in particular. By learning and using this ability, you determine your lucky phase. You can get many things with this technique, not just lottery numbers. You can know the correct winning numbers for the next time with about 90% certainty. But you can also know which scratch card to buy, what color to bet on roulette and much more. Sometimes all we need is a fresh perspective on the problem. Your motivation is the most important factor in question. Of course, you should add your intention, your emotions, your positive thoughts, and your actions. Practice is the key to a successful outcome. It’s a wonderful creative process. Believe me. The information presented here was experienced by myself on a very deep level. Please make use of it and read this article slowly.

In order to be able to see from a distance, you should act at a mind level where the oscillating waves have about five counts per second. It is the interface of the alpha level with the theta level. Let’s see what it is. When you wake up in the morning and begin to be fully active, your brainwaves are vibrating at a beta level, where they oscillate between 14 and 30 cycles per second. As you relax your mind, say so through meditation, you gradually leave the outside world and enter a state of mind called Alpha, where brain waves oscillate between 7 and 14 pulses per second. As you relax even more, the mind enters the theta state where the waves only oscillate between 4 and 7 pulses per second.

The beta state of mind, also known as consciousness, absorbs what is happening in the outside world. The Alpha and Theta states approach the inner world and touch the subconscious level of the mind. There is also the fourth state of mind called the delta of deep sleep, but it is not related to remote viewing and we will not deal with it today. The problem with the alpha state of mind is that there is still a lot of mental noise that comes from memories or from the beta state. Therefore you should reach the limit of the theta level.

When you remote view at the level between alpha and theta, you can really get real information. But there is a problem with the lottery numbers that we have to solve first. The numbers are abstract objects. They are invisible and only exist in our minds until we write them on physical objects, like lottery balls in our case. Therefore, the numbers do not have enough energy and do not give our mind a strong emotional impression to be discovered by the distant viewer. The same happens with letters. The pros of associative remote viewing software have solved this problem in an interesting way. The technique is called associative remote viewing, in which the numbers are linked to different objects. The viewer will see and describe the objects. The object that most closely matches the viewer’s description is chosen and its number is the winning number for the next drawing.

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