Accounting is fun!

“How does an accountant make a bold fashion statement? He wears his gray suit instead of his blue one.” We’ve all heard the jokes and can imagine the stereotypical image of the accountant – the straightened pencil pusher clutching a leather briefcase tightly to his chest. But maybe it’s time we ditch these stereotypes. There’s a new accountant in town and he/she is funny and cool!

Let me convince you why. Despite all the criticism, bookkeeping is vital to the operation, financial stability and profitability of any business, giving the accountant some power to steer the company or business in the right direction. Additionally, with any business in need of accounting services, there is a hodgepodge of different industries and companies that accountants can work with. Still need convincing? Here are a few more reasons why accounting is no longer the boring profession it’s often billed as:

Get involved in a fun company. If you are good with numbers and have chosen the accounting path, but have a different love or passion, why not offer your accounting skills to a company working in this field? As an accountant, you have the opportunity and freedom to work for companies in any industry, which means you can choose one that suits your hobbies and interests. love cars? Car companies need accountants too!

Work for you and a variety of clients. Accounting work doesn’t have to mean strict office hours, a suit and tie, and tackling the corporate ladder. Bookkeeping lends itself ideally to freelance work, which means you can work for yourself as an accountant and attract a variety of clients. Variety is the spice of life and when you work for yourself and for a range of clients you will be dealing with different people, different companies and different fields all the time.

Expand your services. Accounting doesn’t have to be just about crunching numbers. Because bookkeeping requires accurate analysis and understanding of a company’s operations, accountants are able to expand their services to include, for example, analysis and consulting work for their clients.

Accounting isn’t just about numbers – you need a solid understanding of business administration, a feel for the tone of a company and the ability to communicate with everyone involved. Long gone are the days of the desk-bound, boring and workaholic accountant! If you are convinced and interested in trying out an interesting career in accounting, then get the ball rolling by taking financial services courses that give you the freedom to take on a role in financial services. If you don’t have time for full-time study, take the course over distance learning. Taken by correspondence or as online courses You have the freedom to study from home and on your own time. Prove the clichés wrong and add some color to accounting today!

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