10 insights for top tri results

10 insights for top tri results

Without the secret insights you will not reach your full potential in the current season. Sure, you’ll eventually learn the secrets, but don’t wait to learn them through your own racing experience.

Or worse, 20 years from now you might look back and wish you had learned a lot sooner. These 10 process insights will take you to your maximum potential faster than figuring it out yourself. Even if you are adopted, you may not end up on the pro circuit, but you will progress like a pro.

  1. Identify three books for your curriculum reading list*.
  2. Set up a “Treat for Tri Tips” fund. Start it with 5% of your annual race fees. What are you doing to emulate what professional triathletes and elite age groupers do and achieve top racing results? I do not know? Ask experienced racers to share their best tips. Spend the money to buy post-workout refreshments to show your gratitude.
  3. Develop tri-specific skills linked to learning objectives. Ensure that higher priority items are dealt with first. Use metrics for value-added feedback.
  4. Talk to a mentor and manager at work at least weekly about learning opportunities there. Look for combination benefits of business and tri skills. Be ready to take on similar work occupation items to improve your tri game.
  5. Hire a tri coach. Select someone with a background in sports, business, life, and parenting to maximize cross-pollination of concepts across silos.
  6. Consider joining a triathlon mastermind group to be exposed to greater insight into improved performance opportunities.
  7. Request feedback on your specific progress. Compare your actions to those of triathletes who are already at the top. Learn new processes to maximize improvements. Adjust if necessary. Repeat the cycle.
  8. Be brave. Manage your time effectively and selfishly by declining activities that fall outside of your Tri Goals or Tri Journey if already established.
  9. Rock your status quo. In the routine of doing the same favorite workout every weekend? Do you own too many of the same racing t-shirts where only the year is different? Are you driving the multiple sprint distance races crazy? Change your routine now! Be open to new approaches. Set up changes based on your skills, risk profile and potential. You control your decisions.
  10. Expand your limits. know your limits honor race cultural. be intense Stay calm. To smile. Laugh. Most trainers will not allow most of their athletes access to these articles unless you ask or you are already using a great trainer.

Your best performance was praised in elementary school. In college, the best results brought the best grades. The fastest times in the pool and on the track won podiums. You need your best effort and the best results with the fastest times. Rarely does a triathlete enter the sport as a natural and an expert in all three legs.

One of the quickest ways to get faster is to learn from other experts who are already in the sport. I learned from two different Olympic track coaches at two different levels. A third Olympic trainer taught me how to competitively swim up to 2.4 miles in open water from a 25-yard Speedster without a wetsuit. And I’ve easily spent a four-figure sum from my tipping fund to provide drinks to training partners who have fielded several Olympic teams in track, swim, and triathlon. During races and training reveal the answers over time; Questioning, listening, and imitating accelerate the learning curve.

Ready for class? Be an all-around triathlete. Prepare a triathlon curriculum specific to you.

Learn the best way to the top for you in the triathlon school of life. Accelerate your tri learning curve by discovering the best content across the matrix of sports, business, life and family to leverage all of those silos.

Learn from those who are already at the top of the Tri-Pyramid. Choose quality over quantity. Aim for ROI over time with ease. The best decisions aren’t easy, but don’t overcomplicate activities and don’t overdo the time. Include learning goals with metrics in your training plan. Be sure to measure your progress.

Need a guide?

Consider collaborating with a high caliber coach to define your journey and start working on your legacy.

Request feedback on promotions. Ask your trainer for her secret sauce insights.

What’s your secret to turning a high pot into a high performer? How did you earn the respect of your coaches to learn their insights? How have you influenced others or helped them achieve great results?

*Bonus points for actually reading the books.

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