Zagreb, the capital of Croatia

The city of Zagreb is the capital of Croatia. It is located in the continental part of the country between the Sava river and the Medvednica mountain.

The city of Zagreb is an important transport hub as it is located in the center of Europe. Important traffic routes between the Adriatic coast and Central Europe are brought together here. It is very well connected with other cities by air, road and rail.

Zagreb is an ancient Central European city that has developed into a cultural, scientific, commercial and economic center.

It’s a very comfortable place to live. Zagreb has many green parks and promenades. Also, there are many places to go for a day trip near the city. It has preserved its monuments and architecture throughout history. The center of the city consists of Gornji Grad, Kaptol and Donji Grad. The main square of Gornji Grad is St. Mark’s Square. There are buildings of the Croatian Parliament, the Government and the City Council. St. Mark’s Church dominates St. Mark’s Square.

Kaptol is the historical settlement located around the Zagreb Cathedral. The cathedral is considered to be the tallest building in Croatia. Dolac is located between Gornji Grad and Kaptol. It is the most famous open air market in Zagreb.

Donji Grad is a modern urban center of Zagreb. There is the main and largest square called Ban Jelacic Square. The square continues the longest street in the city, which is called Ilica. A popular meeting place in the city is Cvjetni Square. Many people like to drink coffee on Cvjetni Square. The square is named after the flower stalls that are set up there.

The most popular promenade is Maksimir. It is a historical park from the 18th century. A zoo is located in the Maksimir.

Zagreb residents like to spend their free time at the Jarun and Bundek lakes. Also Medvednica Mountain is a very popular resort. Sljeme is on the mountain. It has marked trails for skiing.

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