Why use the Moodle LMS Connector for online education?

We all know that the popularity of online education is also increasing over time. Students are increasingly opting for such online courses and courses to get certified with educational and professional diplomas to improve their career prospects in the near future. However, with the increasing demand for online education, school and college authorities need to think about advanced and innovative alternatives to efficiently manage administrative activities smoothly and quickly. In order to maintain an error-free and smooth administrative flow, many class organizers are now using the Learning Management System (LMS) extensively. You may be permitted free use of the Learning Management System or may even be required to pay a monthly subscription fee for use.

There are many learning management systems on the market. Some are available for purchase, others offer free services. Moodle and Sakai are two such systems that offer free services because you don’t need to buy, install or download any hardware or software on your computer to use them. Because these systems are cloud-based, they can easily be available over the internet. Just like Facebook and Google, you can enter Moodle and log into the site to create online courses and programs for free. Your work doesn’t end with creating classes; You must also provide students with a way to register so that they can attend classes through the virtual platform. Many online class management solution providers are now offering the Moodle LMS connector which can be easily utilized by the class organizers to effortlessly simplify the registration and payment management process in real-time.

Carrying out a registration process manually means undue hassle in database collection, payment management, etc. Because the Moodle connector comes with the online registration solution, you can easily create, publish and make countless registration forms available online for your students, within minutes. Interested and prospective students no longer have to browse different websites to fill out the forms. They can easily access the forms within the site and enroll in their chosen courses. Because the online solution automatically saves and updates the information in the Moodle database, you no longer need to maintain long and complicated spreadsheets to track and record data.

The online payment option that also comes with the connector helps you accept the entry fee via PayPal, credit cards and other payment gateways. Thus, paying and accepting the registration fee becomes an error-free and convenient process that is maintained in a secured environment.

With multiple benefits in handling payment management, database management, registration process management and other activities, the Moodle LMS connector has remarkably streamlined the online education system.

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