Why Get a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing?

By | July 2, 2022

Looking at the current situation, the number of medical centers and hospitals has grown rapidly in recent years. As a result, new positions and requirements for qualified nurses have emerged, and as a result, earning a nursing degree is proving to be profitable. So if you are one of those looking forward to a nursing career, then a postgraduate or bachelor’s degree in nursing might be the best option. These days, the nursing field is in need of well-trained professionals on a regular basis, which finally suggests that by choosing a bachelor’s degree in nursing, you may have a job opportunity right around the corner.

Bright career opportunity

Today, it doesn’t sound wrong that a bachelor’s degree in nursing offers a strong platform for career advancement and higher degrees such as a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) or a Doctor of Nursing degree. If you are already a licensed practical nurse or registered nurse, earning the BSN degree can open new doors in your career. Today, nurses with a bachelor’s degree in nursing are in high demand and sometimes have the opportunity to choose the type of environment in which they wish to work. Nurses with the BSN degree can even serve in supervisory roles, depending on the needs of employers. Aside from that, it even prepares and improves your skills to work in inpatient and community settings, including hospitals, health care, and home health services.

Extensive knowledge

The bachelor’s degree in nursing programs typically takes four years to complete. In the first two years you will typically take general education courses to meet college requirements, and in the final two years you will spend most of your time solely studying nursing science and the values ​​of nursing practice. The degree trains you in how to care for and heal the sick, disabled and injured. It provides instruction in administering medication and treatments. Its curriculum provides an opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills of professional nursing essential to supporting patients at an optimal level of health. The BSN curriculum also provides a thorough knowledge of nursing theory and research, which in turn can lay the foundation for your further study.

Higher income

Currently, many employment specialists also agree that a bachelor’s degree in nursing in any specialty can increase your income potential. Registered Nurses with a BSN degree can enjoy significantly higher salaries than RNs and LPNs who do not have a BSN degree. A BSN degree adds approximately $6,000 to the RN’s annual salary

Nowadays, you can find the bachelor’s degree in nursing programs in numerous colleges and universities in the United States. But recently, many leading institutions offering online nursing programs have also increased drastically. In fact, online BSN degrees have many advantages over on-campus programs. With flexible schedules, schedules, and feasible tuition start times, the BSN online degree caters to working professionals. Additionally, most online BSN programs that have clinical requirements allow students to fulfill those requirements in their own communities.

Today, attaining a bachelor’s degree in nursing can certainly advance your nursing career. It is definitely one of the few nursing programs that primarily emphasizes critical thinking, nursing and therapeutics, person and health resources.

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