Which Mode of Education Will You Choose? A Traditional or an Online Education System

With the passage of time and the advancement of technology, the education system is changing. Now we have different forms of education ie the traditional education, distance education and the online courses. All have their own importance and all will equally help us to provide ourselves with an excellent level of education and get better employment opportunities as well. The traditional form of education is still the most popular and expensive of all. distance learning is not very popular as it does not offer the best educational method to the students and also lacks knowledge transfer. However, online courses are becoming more popular every day and are also cheaper and in some cases even free.

If we neglect distance learning for this post only, we can compare the traditional and online forms of education. A student enrolled in an online form of education can progress from short courses to degree programs, while a traditional form of education is sure to offer any type of education for any class of student. There are online universities, colleges and other institutes that offer online courses and then there are regular institutes that offer education to both the traditional and online students. The choice of training is up to the student. The student can educate themselves through any medium and it depends on the availability of the student.

Plea for a traditional form of education

Traditional education is the oldest and most widespread way of getting education and it is also the recommended study method for young students. We can look at the pros and cons of this form of education to know it better:


  • A one-to-one interaction between teacher and student. It’s easy to convey things to those sitting in front of you, and it’s also easy to make them easier to understand for the students.
  • The most common form of education.
  • Can choose from a range of options.
  • The more preferred by everyone i.e. the students, the teachers, the parents and also the government.
  • Education along with other facilities such as: cafeterias, libraries, sports and other leisure activities.


  • Education is expensive, especially in institutes where the standards, quality and educational system are at a much higher level.
  • Students can travel long distances to reach their educational institutions and sometimes even have to move to other places to get a good standard of education. This also increases their expenses.
  • Not very suitable for students who have a full-time job.
  • Not very flexible in terms of study times.

The case of an online form of education

Not very new, but new compared to the traditional mode of education. Again, this has its own pros and cons and these need to be considered before deciding on an online course:


  • Usually cheaper than the traditional education system as costs are minimized to the lowest level.
  • A good but less effective way of interaction between a teacher and a student.
  • The option to be trained by any online institute, no matter how far away that institute is. This minimizes travel expenses and other expenses.
  • More suitable for full-time employees.
  • A wide range of online courses are available for students who wish to further their education in online mode.
  • Flexibility in study times.


  • Students do not have the opportunity to take advantage of recreational and sports activities that a traditional student can get.
  • As this mode requires internet connection and computer system and these are meant to be affected by natural or unnatural causes, their training can be severely affected.
  • Not preferred by everyone and not very effective compared to traditional parenting method.
  • Although, huge online courses are available, but there is still a caveat. You cannot become a practicing surgeon or doctor by training through this type of training.

This is only a brief overview of the traditional and online education system, a much broader comparison can be made and then the conclusion can be drawn to select the best education system. Each of these systems has its own pros and cons and this too will be different for each type of education seeker.

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