What to expect while waiting for approval decisions

What to expect while waiting for approval decisions

You have undoubtedly worked hard to complete your applications and they are finally submitted! What now? For the next several weeks, you may feel the fear of the infamous college waiting game as your nerves build and decision time approaches.

Have the universities received my application?

The universities usually receive an email confirming receipt of your application. If you have not received any feedback after about a week, contact the admissions office to confirm receipt of your documents. Each university has its own admission requirements. So make sure you followed all the instructions. If your application is incomplete, this can delay the examination and your decision.

How can I check the status of my application?

How Often Should I Check It? There are links to application status on almost every college website. Use the same credentials you used for your application and you should be able to access the university’s websites. Receipts of testimonials, letters of recommendation, and test results are sometimes on these status pages. So stop by as often as you like.

What should i do while i wait?

This is a good time to notify the universities of any changes or additions to your files. Have you moved Changed school? Improved grades? Have you won additional awards that are not mentioned in your application? Have you participated in additional and / or relevant activities? You could also do additional research on the colleges on your list so that you can make an informed decision in due course.

How are admission decisions made?

It’s hard to say why a particular applicant will be accepted because so many variables go into the decision-making process. Some universities break down applications by geographic region and regional representatives review these applications. Other colleges may have multiple admissions committees that make the final decisions. In addition to your testimonials, essays, referrals, completed applications, test scores (if required), and anything else you’ve worked on, your high school will send a high school profile. This is information about the curriculum on offer at your high school and perhaps the university acceptance history

When will I find out?

If you requested an early decision you should be notified around December 15th. If you have applied to universities with rolling admission, it can usually take six to eight weeks for you to receive a decision. Regular admission deadlines are around the 1st of the year and these decisions are announced in March and April. You can find more detailed information on the universities’ websites.

When should I worry if I haven’t heard from a college?

Do not wait more than three weeks to contact the universities if you have not received a confirmation. If you haven’t received a response, call or email the admissions office to check your status. You can also check the application status link on their websites.

Can I find my letter of admission online?

Most universities send decisions electronically via the application status link and follow up with a letter.

What if I’m accepted into one of the more likely schools on my list before hearing about one of my top picks?

You usually have weeks to frame your decision on whether or not to attend college. Do not react immediately. This is a big decision! Give yourself and your family time to receive all of your commitments so that you can make the best choices. Trust that you filled out the best possible applications and now it’s out of your hands.

Much luck!


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