What is SAP and Why is it So Hot in the IT Industry?

By | February 5, 2024

One of the hottest software in the IT market is SAP. What is SAP and why is it so popular? Let’s take a look.

About SAP

SAP is the abbreviation for systems, applications and products in data processing. It was developed in 1972 by five German engineers and today nine out of ten Fortune 500 companies use SAP.

SAP consists of several modules. Each module represents a business process and there are 19 such modules in total, showing the high applicability of SAP. There are many SAP companies that offer specialized SAP courses. These courses provide a complete understanding of SAP, how it works and its extensive functionalities. If you want to get started with SAP, you absolutely have to complete a SAP training course.

Why SAP?

The reason SAP is so popular today is because of its open architecture. Organizations using it can work on it to create any software that suits their business needs. It was created using best process practices and you can run business processes with SAP with a high level of efficiency and accuracy.

SAP applications are assembled in such a way that all departments in an organization not only perform activities through them, but are also seamlessly integrated. The effective functionality of SAP software is so high that large software companies like Microsoft and IBM use SAP’s products to conduct their business activities. Today, SAP is the world’s leading provider of business software.

SAP training

Since SAP has extensive functionality, software professionals need to complete SAP training so that they are equipped to handle SAP in their work environment.

You can learn SAP through SAP courses. Such courses are available online, or you can attend regular courses. Here’s a look at some key SAP training centers in the United States:

CCI – This is a leading company for SAP solutions. It offers a comprehensive SAP training course that teaches best practices.

Michael Management Corporation – This is a leading SAP company and offers in-depth training in three SAP modules. These are Investment Management (IM), Asset Accounting (AA), and Project System (PS).

RWD – This company offers eLearning for SAP and is beneficial for those who want to get into SAP through this learning method.

Ytek Solutions, Inc. – This organization offers the best SAP training through e-learning technology. Students interact with teachers through a Virtual Learning Center (VLC), and information is shared using tools such as web conferencing, software, instant messengers, and whiteboards. The environment simulates the atmosphere of a normal classroom and is very effective in the classroom and for SAP training.

Benefits of SAP Learning:

SAP is a huge arena and taking SAP training courses will break the ice on how this software works and what you can do with it. Here is an overview of the benefits you will gain by taking SAP courses:

Become part of the SAP environment that teaches you how to use and work with such software in a practical way

Learn from the best professionals in the industry while adopting the best methods and practices in SAP

Your career gets a jump start, because the SAP training equips you for handling SAP software at work. Unlike others, you don’t need any special on-the-job training to use the software

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