Virtually Speaking – Putting Your Best Self Forward for Virtual Meetings

Now, depending on when your community, business, or country enacted a stay-at-home policy, it could be weeks or months since you started working from home.

Not surprisingly, the way you “appear” to the world has changed too. As work from home began and communications shifted to virtual calls, most people maintained a level of professionalism when showing up for online calls.

Fast forward a few weeks and corporate attire is now being replaced by t-shirts, not shirts, shorts, sweatpants, and even pajamas. I had a meeting where a client refused to turn on her camera for an 11am meeting because she hadn’t even bothered to dress for the day.

People clearly show up differently for business meetings. Women refrain from make-up and men wear stubble.

A relaxed, unkempt appearance may be acceptable when conversing with coworkers, maybe even the boss, but it’s far from ideal when conversing with a client or prospect. Before you even turn on the camera, you should ask yourself: “What impression am I making at this moment?

In the current environment when there are fewer meetings; It’s important to look your best during a virtual meeting. If hosting a meeting is important enough for you to do well.

To be at the top of your game, gentlemen, you need more than a clean-shaven face, and ladies, you need more than a bit of lipstick to deliver a great virtual presentation.

Here are some ways you can instill confidence and authority by making the most of teleconferencing technology, the right tools for your presentation, and some key techniques to consider when in front of the camera.

Improve your technology

You’ve already heard from other experts about using the different conferencing platforms available and the technical aspects of these services. On the other hand, I want to share ways to improve your message delivery with some basic tips that you can apply right away that will improve your professionalism in virtual presentations.


Whether you’re giving a large presentation or a one-on-one presentation, it’s important to get the tone right. Be aware of distant noises, such as air conditioning, which could affect the quality of a recorded presentation. Turn off all sound notifications on the mobile phone.


Avoid windows behind you. Close curtains behind you to avoid backlight. Grab a desk lamp and place it in front of you so you are well lit. Soft natural light is best. If possible, sit with a window to your side.

you in front of the camera

The camera sees more than you know. If your Zoom visual setting is set to the 16×9 aspect ratio, you’ll see a larger area around you, so avoid a cluttered desktop.

Know what’s in the background. Take a screenshot of yourself on camera and then blast it. This allows you to see what’s behind you, next to you, and even above you. Your camera captures more than you think.

tools of trade


If the place you’re presenting doesn’t have natural light, consider investing in a clip-on light that fits your laptop, iPad or smartphone, such as B. a chat light or a selfie ring light.

smartphone tripods

Not all presentations are made on your laptop or iPad. You may need to give a presentation through your smartphone. One of my coaching sessions is with a client in China via WeChat. Holding your phone for long periods of time means a shaky hand and a distracting presentation. Instead, invest in a tripod that keeps your hands free and allows you to make natural gestures.

Laptop presentation remote clicker

With the technology that allows us to conduct virtual presentations, you may find yourself standing during a presentation. You should avoid moving back and forth within the shot just to advance the slides. It’s worth buying your own clicker with PowerPoint remote control.

Teleconferencing Techniques

Let’s face it, our family and friends don’t care how we look or how we appear on a face-to-face video call. But when it comes to business, we can’t be so carefree.

Conference calls today need to convey professionalism, and you’ll want to do your best. Getting some of these things wrong can potentially make the difference in a deal’s success.

Practice before

Even today, there are many people who are using these teleconferencing platforms for the first time. Learn how to share your screen and make sure others can hear you.

Practice the presentation. Just because you’re not in the same room as the customer doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try as hard. Having notes in front of you is not your card to get out of jail that prevents you from practicing your presentation.

The camera position

Place your computer on top of some books or a box if your camera is on the bottom of the computer. Nobody wants to look up at your nose or look at the sagging skin under your chin.

It’s important that you speak directly into the camera and not at the screen, especially if you see yourself in a small box at the bottom of the screen.

body language and gestures

sit up straight Place a pillow behind your back to help you sit up straight. If you have a swivel chair, avoid the urge to swing left and right.

It’s natural for the hands to want to move while you’re talking, so it’s fine if they’re animated. A word of caution and that is to make hand gestures close or parallel to your body. The camera magnifies the size of your hands and it can look weird with your hands jumping in and out of the frame.

Don’t eat in front of the camera

Do your best to have a meal before your conference call. Nobody wants to watch you eat, not to mention that people can’t understand you when you have food in your mouth.

Every presentation counts and every presentation has a lot to offer. Make the most of your virtual presentation by showing your best side.

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