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The University of Calicut was incorporated on July 23, 1968 by Government Decree No. 5/68. of Kerala, which was later replaced by the Calicut University Act 1975. The aims of the university are the qualitative development of higher education and research in all areas of human development with special reference to technical and technological sectors, as well as the promotion of arts and culture of Kerala to encourage the less educated and the process of human development in comparatively less developed regions of North Kerala to accelerate. Now, after the founding of Kannur University in 1995, the jurisdiction of Calicut University is limited to the districts of Thrissur, Palakkad, Malappuram, Kozhikode and Wayanad (except the Taluk of Mananthavady). The main campus of the University is Thenhipalam (Malappuram Dt), 23 KM. south of the city of Kozhikode and covers an area of ​​200 ha. on both sides of NH-17.

The Administrative Office, Pareeksha Bhavan, distance learning School, Indoor and Outdoor Stadiums, University Press, Publications Department, University Engineering Department, Male and Female Dormitories, Professional Female Dormitory, Teachers’ Dormitory and Staff Accommodation are located here. A well-stocked library, an audiovisual research center, a computer center, a science and instrumentation center, a guest house and seminar complex, a school of health sciences, a university health center, a supermarket, a canteen, the State Bank of Travancore with ATMs, a post office, Auf dem Switchboards also function on campus. There are also extensive playgrounds and a gymnasium on campus.

The university has fully-fledged teaching departments and several centers and study schools. The university has two major counseling centers, one in Thrissur and the other in Calicut. Another center is being built in Vatakara. In addition, the university has teacher training centers in all five districts and advanced computer science centers in 13 locations offering MCA, MSc Computer and BSc IT courses. Calicut University Institute of Engineering and Technology (CUIET) is located on the university campus, 400 m. from Kohinoor in NH-17. More than 150 colleges are affiliated with the university, including Teacher Training Colleges, Engineering Colleges, Medical Colleges, Law Colleges, IHRD Centers, Fine Arts College, Oriental Title Colleges and College for Dentistry, Nursing and Homeopathy.

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