Top 5 benefits of using a Moodle LMS connector

Educational institutions in different cities and states use Moodle, the largest and most popular LMS platform, to create and manage classes online. Many organizations that offer professional courses such as violin lessons, dance lessons, etc. also use Moodle LMS to provide a real learning environment for interested participants. However, your job doesn’t end with just creating online classes. You also need to drive increased enrollment in these courses to maximize your ROI.

A Moodle LMS connector is used by millions of organizations to streamline their class/course enrollment and payment management solutions. A Moodle LMS connector is an apparatus that not only leads to effective management of all administrative tasks, but also leads to 24×7 synchronization of all student and teacher data.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 benefits of using a Moodle LMS connector.

Automatic bi-directional integration of data

Moodle connectors are mainly used to enjoy a seamless, automatic two-way flow of information and records between the Moodle platform and the online registration solution.

Reduces manual tasks

There is no need to hire staff to transfer information from the LMS platform database to your organization’s database. The connector automates the process, eliminating the need to manually enter registrations, payments, and other types of information into your corporate database.

Easily create and manage online registration and accept payments

Moodle LMS connectors have made managing registrations for your K12, college and university courses simple and straightforward. With the online registration solution, organizers can create and publish registration forms in minutes. Online registration forms can be accessed at any time by individuals wishing to register to attend one or more educational/professional classes. The web-based payment management solution allows you to accept student application fees via credit cards, PayPal, VeriSign and other similar payment gateways. Most online payment management solutions are PCI compliant, ensuring no credit card details are shared with third parties.

Access to online catalogues

Institutes can use a connector to enable current and potential students to view all course catalogs from the Moodle platform itself. Online registration software allows people to easily register their names on-site without opening your organization’s website to do the same. You can also automatically generate course catalogs on Moodle and then link them to your website.

Cost-efficient solution

Moodle connectors are available at a nominal price. You don’t need to buy any software or hardware to use the connector. In addition, it can help you save labor costs to a great extent since registration and payment processing can be done online without using paper or hiring staff.

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