Thoughts Are Reality

Using Albert Einstein’s infamous equation


I generated Rainer’s Time Longevity Equation by replacing the C coefficient (the speed of light) with its equivalent speed variables D/T (distance/time).

The Rainer’s Time Longevity Equation is:

T=√D2x M x 1/E

Time is equal to the square root of distance squared multiplied by matter, then multiplied by the reciprocal of energy.

Using Rainer’s Time Longevity Equation and solving for M (matter), we have the following:

M = E x T2 x 1/D2

If we analyze the above equation in detail, it turns out that matter is equal to energy multiplied by time squared and then multiplied by the reciprocal of distance squared. In fact, the creation of matter depends on energy applied for a period of time with continuous focus. Even man’s earliest invention, fire, followed this immutable law – the active rubbing of two sticks together (E) for a prolonged time (T) at a localized point or focal point (1/D2). Similarly, subsequent inventions such as the lightbulb, the radio, the airplane, and the internet would also follow.

Isn’t thinking energy? Thought is the source of energy that enables man to create his world. Of course, with thought (E), persistence (T), and concentration (1/D2; minimizing D, meaning not deviating from the point of interest), man created everything his mind could conceive. Thinking, perseverance and concentration are the basis of all creation. Whatever exists in the physical world once danced in the mind of its creator. Therefore, the storehouse of man’s creative abilities are his dreams.

Our great nation exemplifies Samuel Adam’s vision of America as a land of the free. His mental energy was fueled by his fear of being accused of treason by the King of England. Thus, his desperation enabled the hasty formation of the Continental Congress, with the Declaration of Independence drafted and signed shortly thereafter. His intense thought energy culminated in the formation of a document and eventually a nation of unprecedented freedom. The Continental Congress was essentially a “master mind” group of fifty-six men resonating the identical “mind energy” of freedom, driven by the fear of hanging if their efforts were unsuccessful.

It is no coincidence that many of mankind’s greatest inventions are made during war. The compulsion and fear of war maximize thought energy. Likewise, belief allows the thought energy to become stronger. A thought imagined with sufficient intensity over a period of time without wavering will eventually bear fruit. Isn’t that the premise of prayer? Science is amazed that the postoperative patient who heals faster receives anonymous prayer, in contrast to the control patient who does not. Furthermore, the cancer patient who retains hope is far more likely to survive than the one who has given in to the severity of their illness. The placebo effect is just thought energy at work. Thought energy is a creative force that will materialize a physical equivalent when of sufficient intensity.

In 1920 the author Napoleon Hill coined the term “autosuggestion”. He describes the technique as a means of gaining financial wealth by incessantly programming the subconscious to seek financial gain. By repeatedly voicing the desire for wealth, first verbally and then by documenting a plan of action, the subconscious responds by executing the programmed instructions that it is continually fed. The person’s daily or conscious actions merely reflect the dictated instructions given to the subconscious. Basically, Napoleon Hill only describes maximizing the potential of thought energy to generate one’s desires, as long as one remains persistent and focused.

Churches not only have enormous influence, but also enormous power. Could a global synchronized thought energy or prayer by all church members end war and poverty? I firmly believe that efforts should be made in this regard. Jesus, the Son of God, could not have put it more simply: “…if we have faith as big as a mustard seed, we can move mountains…”

One day humans will be able to electronically digitize thoughts and amplify them to exponential levels. In this way he will be able to reduce the influence of the time and distance variables to negligible values ​​in order to create matter. Secondly, as a result, whatever man imagines he will be able to create. Imagine a dinosaur, and this is how it appears. Imagine the earth as heaven and it will be so. Just as God uses sun (energy) shining on a point (focus equals 1/d2) for a long (time) to create a tree, so man has the ability to create this world as he sees it. Hence the question remains, will man see the world as heaven or hell. Thus, human imagination inevitably dictates our destiny.

Thanks to Robert E Rainer | #Thoughts #Reality

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