The pros and cons of dance classes

By | July 9, 2022

Teaching dance is a rewarding and fun career for those who are passionate about both dancing and teaching.

In order to be a good teacher, it is also important that you enjoy passing on your knowledge to others and that you can find your way in all situations in life, from toddlers to adults. Some dancers are great dancers but don’t have the joy or patience to teach. Others may not be the best dancers but are wonderful teachers. It is important that you can pass on your knowledge in an easily understandable way.

It’s not all pink, and like anything else, teaching dance has its pros and cons. I have listed a few of them here.


1. You can choose your own working hours and how long you want to work each day. This is ideal for those who have young families to support.

2. You can dictate your own fees and control your own earnings.

3. You can do something you love every day.

4. It’s rewarding to see how your students perform and improve over time.

5. It’s a very creative career choice and you can explore new horizons every day.

6. You get more vacation time than most people since you usually take vacation time when schools close.


1. Dancing is a luxury, so this is the first thing people limit when times are bad.

2. Most dance teachers can only teach in the afternoons as the kids are at school in the mornings so you may have to work quite late hours to accommodate all the classes.

3. It takes quite a bit of energy to teach, so you can’t afford to be sick or have a bad day.

4. You expose yourself to criticism from parents and the public, so you have to be pretty tough.

5. You must have good business skills or the administrative work will get you down.

6. You also have to be super organized and always keep an overview.

As you can see, the teaching profession, like any other, has its good and bad sides. I love my career choice so I try to only focus on the good. In any profession you should absolutely love what you do and be passionate about it or find something that makes you get up excited every day.

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