The Princess Pink Disney Netpal – A little girl’s charm

Looking for a gift for your imaginative little girl? You might want to check out the Disney Netpal in Princess Pink color. It will be an exciting Christmas present for children aged 6 to 12 this year. The Disney Netpal is also available in Magic Blue. But adorned with swirlies, the Princess Pink version is just one that most girls will fall in love with.

The Disney Netpal is NOT a toy

The Disney Netpal is manufactured by Asus, a leading manufacturer of computers and computer accessories. It’s a full-fledged netbook. It comes standard with an 8.9-inch screen, 1.6GHz Intel Atom CPU, 160GB hard drive, 1GB RAM, wireless access, Windows XP, and more. So it’s not a toy. An adult can actually do most of the office work with a Netpal like email, word processing, Excel reports, online research, etc.

But since it’s made for kids ages 6-12, it includes fun customizable themes that only Disney can provide, like Club Penguin, Disney Classic Characters, Disney Princess, Toy Story, Jonas Brothers, and many others. In fact, these themes are background and wallpaper sets specially designed and exclusive for Disney Netpal. So Disney collectors and junkies will also love this gadget.

Fostering creativity at a young age

The greatest benefit a Disney Netpal can offer your child is the hours and hours of educational value. This Disney laptop comes with software called Disney Pix. It teaches kids how to edit pictures and digital images while having fun. Consider this an introduction to Photoshop. In the multimedia creative field, which is growing by leaps and bounds today, there are artists and graphic designers who are highly paid for their skills in Photoshop or other digital imaging software. Your child can thrive from a very young age if they are given the opportunity to just sit, create and experiment.

Comes with security measures for online usage

Since the Disney Netpal is a real netbook, children (or adults) can use it to get online and receive e-mails. There are also growing concerns about internet safety, especially when it comes to children. This Disney laptop is equipped with features that allow parents to control what their children can see or which software programs they can use. With timing and locking features, parents can also control when and for how long their kids can use the Disney Netpal. Finally, parents can create a list that their kids can send and receive emails to.

The Disney Netpal looks like the right gift for the imaginative child. It is not a toy but a fun early learning device with safety features that could stimulate a young creative mind.

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