The Mysterious Power of Art

The power of art to inspire, comfort and motivate is widely recognized. The more mysterious forces of art reveal that there is more to art than meets the eye. The ancient Greeks believed that color and music had inherent powers to affect their viewers. Modern research may be beginning to prove them right.

Part of the mysterious power of art involves the science of geometric figures. For example, some authors have collected evidence suggesting that placing objects in pyramids can have almost supernatural results. Food can be preserved without refrigeration and blunt knives can miraculously become sharp.

The new field of biogeometry also suggests that the shape of objects is directly related to their ability to help or harm living beings. A cell phone, the theory posits, can be designed in such a way that its physical form counteracts any potentially harmful radiation. Likewise, homes can be designed to offset the effects of geopathic stress.

In the spiritual realm, geometric shapes have long been used for meditation and to induce trance-like states. Mandalas and Yantras are traditional art forms used for spiritual purposes. Some art historians believe that stained glass windows in churches are extremely effective in creating an aura of mystery and majesty for religious ceremonies due to the effects on the human brain of the movement of sunlight through stained glass.

More extreme examples of the phenomenon of the power of color and sound are the flashing lights in modern nightclubs and bars. At the height of the disco era, dancers were known to pass out due to sensory overload. Psychologists also believe that sensory overload through the combination of loud, rhythmic music and strobe lights reduces interpersonal inhibitions.

Recent studies on epilepsy confirm that some types of seizures can be triggered by color and sound patterns. On a positive note, moving patterns of color and shape were also used in a UK hospital to reduce a woman’s need for pain medication during childbirth.

In our world of ubiquitous multimedia stimulation, the power of art and multimedia to both heal and harm can be a fertile field for ongoing research and increasingly practical applications.

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