The Medical Coding Certification Process

Medical coding certification is not required to work as a medical coder. Unlike other healthcare professions, which require intensive training and several years of book knowledge and hands-on experience, the tasks referred to medical coders are relatively more mechanical and therefore easier to learn whether or not one has had prior medical training.

Medical classification is the process of converting descriptions of medical diagnoses and procedures from a variety of sources within the medical record into universal medical code numbers. These diagnostic codes are used to track various medical conditions and are a valuable source of information that can impact sectors such as government health agencies, private health insurance companies, and professional organizations.

Medical coding certification gives the individual a competitive edge. The entry in the CV alone proves that the person has studied well and is qualified for the desired profession. Certified programmers are more likely to be hired immediately and receive higher compensation. They are also more likely to be recognized for higher positions after only brief experience in the healthcare facility.

To become a certified medical coder, one must pass a specific certification exam. Depending on the program they are enrolled in, individuals who are just beginning to learn about medical classification can take the exam once they have passed their medical coding course. What awaits afterwards is a flexible, stable and financially rewarding career in the thriving healthcare industry.

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