The Best Hunting Arrows – 14 Arrows Put to the Test

By | June 21, 2024

Field & Stream has published an article putting 14 arrows to the test to determine which deserve to be crowned best hunting arrows.

The exam:

They first had to find out what made a hunting arrow superior to others. To keep it simple, they looked for the most efficient arrow shafts that would allow the bows to maximize the energy they could send down regardless of draw weight at 40 yards.

The arrows were divided into weight classes (lightweight, middleweight and heavyweight). After 3 days of arrow fights, there could only be one champion in each class. So which arrows have earned the right to wear the championship belt? The results are in…

Lightweight Champion (<420 grains)


The stats:

Weight: 8.5 grains per inch, 394 grains total as tested

Startup speed: 332.69 fps

Retained kinetic energy: 85.97 percent

Momentum retained: 92.72 percent

The Gold Tip Velocity XT was said to have “the strongest shot, grain for grain, of any arrow tested” – F&S. This turned out to be the most efficient speed arrow they tested and is perfect for archers who need a flat trajectory for longer shots.

Middleweight Champion (425-450 grains)


The stats:

Weight: 8.9 grains per inch, 428 grains total as tested

Startup speed: 321.29 fps

Retained kinetic energy: 87.12 percent

Momentum retained: 93.34 percent

Although these arrows were the fastest in the middleweight class, they really outperformed their downrange performance, hitting like 10-20lb shafts. heavier. For most bowhunters, the VAP V1 was the champion in the sweet spot weight class.

Heavyweight Champion (>450 grains)

Carbon Express Pile Driver Pass Thru Extreme

The stats:

Weight: 11.3 grains per inch, 476 grains total as tested

Startup speed: 307.38 fps

Retained kinetic energy: 88.13 percent

Momentum retained: 93.88 percent

The heavyweight bouts went to the final round, which was ultimately decided by a split decision. It came down to the arrows from Carbon Express and Easton Full Metal Jacket. Carbon easily edged out Easton by delivering the same punch while weighing 25 grains lighter.

I would like to thank Field and Stream for providing us with this amazing test to determine which arrow deserves the title of Champion Hunting Arrows. More information about the tests can be found on their website at

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