The Benefits of Sending Your Child to a Quaker School

A Quaker school not only receives an education designed to achieve the best possible academic achievement, but also teaches children to understand responsibility, spirituality, and belonging to a community. In fact, one of the core beliefs of a Quaker school is that everyone is both a teacher and a learner. Students are considered teachers because they bring to the school their own talents and gifts that they were born with. These are talents they can use to teach others. Students are also actively encouraged to be open and vocal about their concerns. In fact, Quaker beliefs believe that allowing students to express their opinions will improve their character and make them the person they want to be when they are older.

As you can already see, a Quaker education is a social one. But how can a school environment be educationally and socially responsible? Well, in a Quaker school, students not only do their schoolwork, but also learn to prepare for college and life in general. The problem many students face when attending a private boarding school is that they have not been taught the skills to communicate and socialize with people outside of their private boarding school environment. This means that when they leave school and look for a job, they have a hard time. However, the Quaker education system ensures that students enjoy life to the fullest beyond the confines of the school.

They learn to lead by example and to respect other people’s talents and opinions as they learn from them. After all, there is something to learn from everyone. At a Society of Friends school, students are encouraged to go out into the community and even take part in community projects abroad, where they can learn a new language and experience cultures other than their own. They also have a strong commitment to the environment and have a number of eco-friendly policies that are firmly entrenched but tend not to talk about them.

As noted earlier, the Quaker schooling system follows a belief that should be reflected in the everyday actions of students. They do not attend religious meetings but are reminded that religion is a way of life that promotes equality, integrity, simplicity and peacefulness from which they can learn in their daily lives.

You should note that quaker schools Do not try to convert people to the Quaker religion so that everyone, regardless of culture and religion, can attend this type of private boarding school. In fact, students of the Quaker faith make up only a small portion of the school.

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