The advantages of eLearning overshadow the disadvantages

By | July 2, 2022

The eLearning industry has grown rapidly and commendably, largely because it enables all businesses to share their skills over the Internet. eLearning facilitates the design of training to meet the specific learning and development needs of organizations. Today companies rely heavily on bespoke eLearning to design eLearning courses that fit their needs and top management is given the right direction on which areas to target their teams. Through eLearning solutions, companies can provide their employees with relevant knowledge, exposure, skills and techniques that will help them excel in their professional roles. Self pace is one of the important aspects of eLearning solutions. Self-direction increases learner skill retention and ensures learners can move at their compatible pace and busy schedules. E-learning includes a range of learning solutions such as videos, infographics and quizzes that engage the learner. These are designed to be amazingly user-friendly and make it easy for learners to track their learning.

Some of the key benefits of eLearning solutions are:

Reduced cost eLearning reduces the cost of instructors, room rentals, equipment, travel, meals, etc. All that is needed is a device to conduct the training. Companies with more than a thousand employees can reduce the cost per capita of training.

Flexibility- eLearning can be slotted whenever it fits within learners’ busy schedules. It is not necessary to devote a whole day to attending the training.

Mobility- eLearning courses can be accessed via laptops, phones and tablets, so learning can be done on the go.

Global- Businesses can rest assured that their employees are getting the same content regardless of their location. eLearning solutions can be provided at a reduced cost to people worldwide.

Engagement- eLearning increases engagement through social and collaborative tools that push learners to train and also help them retain what they learn.

expert knowledge Good eLearning solutions and LMS secures expert knowledge is communicated to the learners.

Since it is universal that everything has its pros and cons, let’s take a look at the downside of eLearning courses and see what are the most common cons that come with it.

lack of control- While self-directed learning is beneficial, low-motivated learners may lag behind if there are no deadlines to complete the eLearning courses. So it totally depends on different people at different stages of learning.

learning approach– E-learning may not be a good experience for some learners, especially activists and pragmatists, as they will not enjoy it. Different learners have different preferences such as images, words, texts, videos, etc. Therefore, it is difficult to make learning enjoyable for every learner.

technology issues– eLearning is completely reliable on compatible devices such as laptop, tablet or desktop. And this brings with it a degree of risk for both learners and organisations. Therefore, all requirements must be met in advance to support eLearning in order to avoid technical problems.

Although eLearning has both advantages and disadvantages, the disadvantages of eLearning must be ignored in order to have a long-term positive learning strategy.

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