Teachers go ahead!

By | July 8, 2022

One of the most common complaints of educated parents is that their children come home with the wrong pronunciation or spelling, and even when corrected, the children insist that it is correct simply because their teachers taught them that way.

One cannot begin to emphasize the role and influence that teachers have on our children. To them, teachers are all knowing and far more knowledgeable than any other person they come in contact with. Any kind of teaching emanating from the teacher is therefore of the utmost importance. Every word taught and every lesson explained goes straight into a child’s mind with a seriousness that no other person with all their expertise cannot begin to strike a chord with the child.

Children look to their teachers as role models, someone to emulate, and the ultimate source of knowledge. And it is precisely in this essence that teachers begin to shape and shape the future of our children. Because of this, teachers play a much bigger role than others. Her impact on children cannot be overstated.

And at the core, we all have “quality education” in mind. We are talking about the education system in our state. Is it available? Are we going in the right direction? Is the money we invest in our children’s education worth it? Is the time and effort we devote to their education worth it?

In today’s world, when most parents are working, it is becoming increasingly difficult to make time for their children. Here “time” includes a whole lot of things. It includes personal time with the child, attending to the child’s needs and the entire parenting process. So much so that adult time becomes more and more precious as the years go by.

Today we also have schools that seem to stand out from the rest, both in terms of fees and facilities. Several schools are now a hub of activity. They not only spoil children with book knowledge, but also broaden their horizons beyond textbooks. Many schools, I believe, also encourage children to immerse themselves in learning at home. Which of course is a good thing.

School projects are now “in”. Many children come home with projects they enjoy working on. But mostly these projects exceed their capacities. In the end, it is the children’s parents who carry out the projects. In such a case, I doubt that the main goal of such projects will be achieved. It’s like parents become students again. Which is actually fine, except that the children and not the parents should be the focus of the projects.

Then we have the state schools, where the picture is always different! Government schools claiming to have the most qualified teachers. But how many of these qualified teachers are physically present in the schools to which they are sent, doing their part as teachers? The answer is uncertain. But like any other profession, I know for sure that there are many dedicated, well-qualified teachers who are dedicated to their profession and making a difference everywhere.

Unfortunately, many state schools do not have this privilege. They only have teachers qualified by name who may have higher aspirations elsewhere. Each of them is represented at their location by a less qualified teacher. That was the trend. It’s still trending. And in the end, it’s the children of the less fortunate who suffer. Because the children of the upper class of society rarely or never attend a state school.

Whether we like it or not, consciously or unconsciously, the gap between rich and poor is always there. It affects our children. Our future. So how do we bridge this gap? What role does education play in this? How do schools, teachers and the education system find a balance in this regard?

There is so much knowledge and wisdom that children can acquire in school, even if the mere pursuit of an educational qualification may be the primary motive.

You could say that education is now accessible to everyone. But it’s not so much availability that will change our lives as education that will determine our future and the future of our children. And at the heart of education, teachers still remain the inspiration. The greater responsibility for this rests with the teachers, who are left to remain committed to this noblest profession.

Thanks to Rita Krocha | #Teachers #ahead

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