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Due to COVID-19, among others, learners are struggling to cope with the challenges this pandemic brings. Yes, it has been nearly two years and its aftermath is ravaging the joy of learning among learners who are among the least, lost and excluded.

For example, in my co-ed class, less than half of my 38 students have this Android phone; As a result, many of them were unable to attend our Google Meetup session. Yes, this situation prompts me to think about a solution to this problem, considering that some of my learners have parents who are either unemployed or cannot afford one reason or another.

Even if a child is eager to learn a half-day online course per week just to feel like being with his/her co-online learners, it is really sad for the child when there is no available android cell phone is nearby. While other of his/her sync enabled learning companions are having fun and meaningful pursuits through these educational technologies like iPad, desktop, lappie or whatever, he/she doesn’t have a mere cell phone.

Yes, either it is used by one of his/her parents, siblings or whatever, having the ability to attend online classes or just “Online Kumustahan” or just the Monday morning prayers and the National Anthem ceremony becomes a tedious affair. Adding to this type of problem is the Internet connection, either under-utilization or poor Internet connection happens, not just once, but all the time. Given that the Philippines has one of the slowest internet speeds in the world.

I had a survey on this and my learners with the toughest situation really need help. Since I believe there is always a way to the Autobahn, pun intended, we, my colleagues, must make something of this challenge.

We then asked for old cell phone units, all members of the community could have an unused one, they might as well donate it to the children. Well at this point we are still waiting for kind donors to bring hope to these children and who knows, one day these children may pass it on and show the same kindness to others who need help.

It’s a cliché that it takes a village to raise a child; but it is also a good opportunity to act for their own good, even more so in this time of pandemic where real heroes prevail.

This pandemic has brought us to a stage where everyone can be either kind or unkind, helpful or selfish, compassionate or indifferent, giver or hoarder, among other things. What do you think is a more appropriate behavior to observe and be sane and sane and holy? Easy right?

Giving is second nature to those who have been helped by those around them in their most difficult times. Passing on, easier to do, the good deeds being done to them by local “good Samaritans” who are more than willing to help the least, the lost, and the excluded. Yes, as these children are.

Well, if you’re interested in donating your old cell phone to these kids, for their online or blended classes, don’t hesitate to stop by our school and see how you can help.

Thanks to Larry Icabandi Nabiong | #Tackle

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