Symbiosis Distance Learning Courses Offered

By | June 11, 2022

The underlying concept of Symbiosis distance learning is rightly complemented by modern educational pathways that include pre-recorded DVD lectures, self-study and e-learning modes. These combined learning research and training methods make it easy not only Indian but also international students to seek the light of knowledge and spread to the darkest corners of ignorant regions of the world.

Courses in symbiosis distance learning are offered in professional diploma, postgraduate diploma, certificate courses, individual courses, company programs and management development programs. The Faculty of Management supports the student with outstanding courses in Business Administration, Human Resource Management, International Business, Insurance Business, Retail Management, Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain Management, Entrepreneurship Development, Marketing Management, Financial Management, Quality Control Management, Business Law, Corporate Communications, Controlling and Disaster Management.

The Faculty of Information Technology facilitates the students with Postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology. The Faculty of Law, on the other hand, offers certificate programs in the areas of cyber law, consumer protection law and the right to information. The Faculty of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences offers specialized courses. These courses include Postgraduate Diplomas in Education Administration, Pre-Primary Teacher Training, Technical Writing, Creative Writing and Advanced Diploma in Creative Writing in English.

On-demand online exam is the most convenient exam policy provided by symbiosis of distance learning. This exam service makes it easy for the student to reserve a date, place and time to appear for the exam. This examination service is conducted not only in India but also abroad. Therefore, the same facilities for local and foreign students make the learning and research process excellent. The Symbiosis distance learning course is prepared under rigorous examination to improve innate qualities and refine students’ intelligence and skills.

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