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I left school after 10 years – because I thought I wasn’t really made for learning.

So I worked for a few years, which was fine, until I started feeling like I was on an endless treadmill with no hope of ever escaping! I realized I was spending about 10 hours a day doing something that I didn’t particularly enjoy and that barely covered my very modest living expenses. I didn’t make enough money to save up for a better place to live, travel wasn’t even in my budget and the only way out of my “life sentence” seemed to be to play the lottery…an option I have to say I’ve considered didn’t hold out too much hope.

Hungry to do something that really interested me, I started reading books on psychology. As I was chatting with friends and colleagues about what I was reading, I soon heard someone say, “Why don’t you enroll for a psychology high school diploma?”

I didn’t know I could do it – but I did it and I did it very well. It didn’t feel like my previous school experience, it felt like I was just doing something I enjoy… discovering an interest and expanding my knowledge of the subject and getting an actual qualification on top of that. Not bad…not bad at all!

I have achieved a new perception of education. I didn’t study because I had to or because I wanted to impress the teacher. I did it for me! I was in the driver’s seat and I enjoyed it. It made all the difference!

I didn’t stop at that one course. I graduated from high school and then continued my education. In fact, I never stopped learning new skills.

With the computer age came online distance learning and it broke down boundaries in many ways. Now you can learn in your own time and in the comfort of your own home. Pick something you would really love to do and it will feel like spending time on your hobby.

One of the best things I’ve ever done for myself is invest time and money into developing knowledge. I’ve achieved a new perception of education… and so can you!

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