Sorry – was that you I heard complaining?

I want you to meet a man, actually a monk, from Japan. His name is Sakai Yusai, and what makes him unusual isn’t the fact that he’s a monk. What makes this man unusual are the physical feats he has accomplished in his life. What makes him remarkable is the overwhelming, superhuman effort he put in. What makes him a legend is that his performance is so far beyond anything any of us would imagine possible, that he pushes the limits of even our wildest imagination.

Sakai Yusai ran 1,000 marathons across the rugged, snow- and rain-soaked mountains of Kyoto Japan…in seven years.

For dramatic effect, please pause to let this sink in for a moment. Most of us would consider running ONE marathon a life changing event. But wait, it just keeps getting better.

It seems that Yusai wasn’t satisfied with his work, so he decided to do it again. No, I’m not kidding, and this time he ran 1,000 MORE marathons through the rugged mountains…in six years!!

In 150 years of tradition, Yusai is one of only 46 monks to have accomplished this feat. What!?! They mean more than one person could actually do this. Holy poop!

But wait, it gets even better.

Yusai was over 40 years old when he decided to join the monastery. Everyone laughed at the chances for a man his age to take on these challenges beyond physical ability. At the tender age of 61, Yusai completed his last run, which happened to be one of a hundred double marathons. Not just one marathon, mind you, but two marathons a day, in mountainous terrain, for the last 100 days of his journey.

Is your head already spinning? I still bounce off the ground!

So where am I going to tell you a story that for most of us is just pure fantasy? Easy; Your lame excuses for not exercising 30 minutes a day or shedding a few pounds sound like nonsense, don’t you think? said Nuf? Now… away from the cookies!

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