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“An investment in knowledge brings the best interest.” Ben Franklin

Website…Check Blog…Check Facebook…LinkedIn…Check Twitter…Check Now What?

The new wave of networking

When I started my company I knew we had to be a part of the social network. The challenge was that there was a lack of an idea of ​​how to use them effectively. As I tend to jump right in by nature, I thought it best to just sign up and get started. Facebook was where I started. It seemed fairly easy, albeit more for building personal rather than business relationships. Although initially unhelpful to the business, I soon found myself reconnecting with old friends I had lost contact with over the years. The experience was great fun and continues to be very rewarding. The next step was to wrap my arms around Linked In and Twitter.

Unfortunately, my initial efforts, while noble, had limited results. The frustrating part was networking and business development always came naturally to me. The challenge with social networks is that they lack the personal touch that is so critical to developing new business relationships. I kept hearing that others were successful, but I wasn’t. With that in mind, I hired a coach to teach me how to use these tools.

Hiring a coach may seem crazy to some. These networks are free and meant to be easy. The truth is they are, but my patience (or lack thereof) demanded faster results. According to Big Ben’s quote, there is nothing better than an investment in knowledge. My coach was highly recommended to me by a few close friends. I was ready and willing.

The program was simple and effective. My coach and I met by phone once a week for 30 minutes over a period of 7 weeks. During our calls, he taught me the basics of these networks, followed by homework…YES HOMEWORK…to be done before the next session. To learn social networking, you have to do it. The good thing about adding a coach is that they can help guide you when you’re inevitably getting frustrated. My trainer’s approach was very helpful. During the program I was able to absorb the content and implement it quickly. I also found myself craving more and more knowledge. How does RSS work? Why do I need a blog? What is source code? HTML? My curiosity grew with each new bit or knowledge. I also felt more comfortable and ready to apply my new knowledge.

It has been two months since I completed the program. My return on investment has been amazing. Our website ranking has skyrocketed. We’ve built hundreds of new relationships through Twitter and Linked In. We started a blog. We also learned how to effectively market our services by leveraging these powerful networks.

You can never underestimate the importance of investing in knowledge. If you are interested in learning more about social media but are frustrated, I would highly recommend a coach. Don’t let a lack of understanding put you off. Take the time to study and be patient. I guarantee you will be happy with the results.

Thanks to Todd Weiss | #Social #networks

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