Smart Classes at Shri Ram Global School Catches the Eyes of the Parents in Noida

Smart Classes at Shri Ram Global School Catches the Eyes of the Parents in Noida

Shri Ram Global School’s four-acre campus aims to build a prosperous future for its students. That is the main reason for them to offer intelligent teaching in a maximum number of classrooms. The school offers a total of 65 intelligent classrooms. Her vision is to maximize the number of intelligent classrooms to make conceptual learning easier and encourage students’ ideas. Conceptual videos and lectures by intelligent classes help students learn and absorb information better.

school motto

The school’s heading ‘learning to be’ makes it clear that the school focuses on learning about life and the world around them through various aspects. Four walls of a classroom do not provide students with complete understanding. Visual learning and smart classrooms adopt conceptual learning through visual smart boards.

Why does smartboards make learning easier?

Smart classes provide students with smartboards that provide students with visual aids. Thanks to the technical smartboards, children understand the lessons well and learn better than through normal classroom lectures. Learning through intelligent classrooms from the lower grades follows the students and lets them lead a successful professional future with flying colours.

long-term planning

The school also aims to keep students satisfied through smart classes to prepare them for future competitive exams. Experimental and conceptual learning is enough to pass the selection process. Here the school plays an important role in building the steps to a bright future. It is every student’s dream to go to a prestigious institution to graduate and the school is trying to make it come true.


The school supports staff and teachers who help students learn through smart classes. The teachers are specially trained to operate the Smartboards and lead the lessons. The school hires three interns for the technical aspects. The school board is affiliated with a private company called Extramarks and they are the dealers behind the revolutionary classrooms. Ms. Geetha Varshneya, the headteacher, is the one behind the upheaval. She understood the difficulties of the students, which led her to start intelligent courses.

Reactions of students and parents to this new teaching method

Students at Shri Ram Global School, Greater Noida West, actively responded to this new scenario. They became interested in learning and felt more alive in the classroom. Student performance improved after the introduction of the smart classes. The students’ parents are more satisfied with the new lesson design and asked for more interactive lesson concepts.

The school always provides students with a higher quality education. Every student in the country deserves access to quality education, like the students at Shri Ram Global School. Government and NGOs should provide free and quality education to every student in the country. Technological innovations such as intelligent classrooms make it easier for students to learn; Therefore, its implementation leads to a better future. New learning methods should always be a major concern for teachers. All schools in India should adopt various interactive teaching strategies for their students like Shri Ram Global School of Greater Noida West.

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