Slow the appearance of the D word in the New Workplace

I am an economics writer and lecturer based in Singapore. As I write this, I have just entered the second year of the Covid pandemic. There are 3 phrases that never got close to me: wear your mask, social distancing and zoom. I don’t like any of them at all. I’m not sure which term I hate the most – maybe Zoom, since as a lecturer I love to walk around in class and impress my students with my multimedia PowerPoint show.

Well, the purpose of this article is not one of those 3 evils, but a D-word that is not death. Rather, it is depression.

I want to share tips aimed at HR and business owners to reduce the need for subordinates to reach the D-Word level. (If a reader here is already clinically depressed, please seek immediate and professional help.)

Well thought-out meeting agenda

Each meeting must have relevant agendas that must be achieved and implemented upon the conclusion of the meeting. There should be no WhatsApp messages after the meeting unless the business scenario has suddenly deteriorated and a reversal of corporate strategy needs to be discussed to keep the company from going under.

mask design

I suggest that all businesses should step up and use a unique corporate mask design to aid in the engagement process. With so much medical literature on display, there is no longer any doubt that wearing a mask is responsible and a small price to pay for opening up the physical workspace.

Covid vaccination

There needs to be serious pressure on all staff to get vaccinated against Covid so that no one feels left out. Vaccination is the socially appropriate measure to still be part of the team.

zoom fatigue

Many employees have submitted feedback that they are suffering from Zoom fatigue. A quick fix is ​​to supplement the Zoom session with maybe some mobile games that use Kahoot to break up the monotony. Maybe your team really feels this way when you’ve had long PowerPoint presentations with font sizes that are hard to see.

Vending machines with free products

The company should provide vending machines that offer free products. You didn’t read wrong! Every time you press a button to get a product, the information is saved with a time stamp in your personal records. Your line manager gives weekly approval if your performance is within a mutually agreed target. This will lift your spirits if your business has a large number of machines.


Given the current Covid situation, a degree of confidence needs to be given as most of us are still working from home. The term KPI can slowly be sidelined as it is not easy to use the traditional performance metrics. As a suggestion, each employee can be asked to produce a weekly report so that top management can see how there can be further guidance on mentoring. Employees get depressed when they are not sure if their bosses value their work.

tick tock

Many bosses don’t realize that TikTok is now the “IT” thing for many people. It’s like a heavily edited YouTube video with Instagram smarts. The value of TikTok is that employees can create light-hearted videos together to take a much-needed break. This is the way of corporate loyalty 2021.

I hope these tips can help drive the D word out of the current workplace.

Thanks to Colin Ong | #Slow #appearance #word #Workplace

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