Share Point – Learning Management System Advantages and Options

Share Point – Learning Management System Advantages and Options

Software development company Belitsoft has created a great e-learning system that will help you learn more effectively. This learning management system application has many advantages compared to all other learning management systems and is probably one of the best available. Powered by some of Microsoft’s best servers, this program is based on similar technology to Microsoft Office, which makes it quite easy to use and more accessible to all types of users. The modern generation of learning management systems are designed to meet all possible needs and preferences of teachers and students. They are also customized for the Office Share Point 2007 platform and have many features designed to help create an effective and functional learning environment. Whether we are talking about the company or the educational institution, the learning system is a very important tool that is used successfully and effectively.

Specializing in creating professional e-learning courses as well as providing users with the full sets of certain features, its management is something everyone must be interested in. One can use the learning management system to keep track of students, company staff and holding conferences over the internet as well as using various tools for collaboration. Some of the main advantages of this system are:

– The Share Point learning system can be easily integrated with the most popular office package – Microsoft Office and is very easy to use.

– It has a conferencing tool based on Microsoft Communication Server (one of the best available).

– Using this program, you can create an Active Directory for work

– Another service is that you can post documents, edit them and also check them in and out.

– You can track user experience and student ratings.

– You can get and create quiz and course certificates.

– One of the features of the Share Point Learning Management System is the checking of documents for plagiarism.

– With this e-learning program, you have the opportunity to track the exact time that the user has spent studying or training.

– This program supports multiple web fronted, indexing and database servers.

– Share Point Learning Management System when highly customizable – You have the ability to customize the look, feel and available language packs.

– Share Point L MS e Learning software comes with all kinds of video tutorials, online support and maintenance that will help you learn how to use this program.

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